Alcoholics In The Tums Of Mums

Foetal alcoholic syndromeIf you took poison and fed it to your child in varying amounts for months on end, you would be up for attempted murder, if not murder. The same charge should apply to pregnant moms who drink alcohol. The result of drinking alcohol while carrying a child in the womb is called Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), a condition with devastating effects, often resulting in severe birth abnormalities or even death. The damages to the child are absolutely, utterly and without question, irreversible!

During pregnancy alcoholic beverages are passed straight to the placenta, where an innocent baby is just trying to -piece his little body together – so to speak! Alcohol is poison, especially to the foetus. This poison is -injected directly into all the baby’s developing tissues. Every moment of a pregnancy is vital to the healthy development of the little human being in there. It’s so easy to provide the healthiest, happiest environment for a baby to grow in. It’s just as simple to kill him.

FAS is characterised by the delaying of growth function, by facial and neural abnormalities, and organ deformities. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is identified by various birth defects, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed by the mother during her pregnancy, as well as how far into her pregnancy she drank alcohol.


Brewing behavioural problems

The primary disabilities of FAS concern functional difficulties, as a result of the damage to the child’s central nervous system. Quite often the disabilities can be incorrectly seen as behavioural problems, but the underlying central nervous system damage is the originating source of a functional difficulty.

Alcoholic babies invariably have learning impairments, motor developmental skill impairments, hyperactivity, impulse control issues and anger control issues.

These children commonly also suffer from poor judgment, poor information processing skills which makes schooling difficult, mental retardation, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, language disorders, memory retention problems…the list is infinite. Is this really the future you’d choose for a child? And that is only the primary line of attack. The secondary line of disabilities ready, willing and able to attack the innocently developing child is just as scary.


Inward and outward retardation

But not only are these abnormalities silent killers for a child, they all too often bring with them the outward, tell-tale signs that mom didn’t care enough about her unborn child to give up her own bottle. Sometimes those tell-tale signs are just a tad more obvious and these are evident in physical retardations.

There is no cure for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Once the damage is done, there’s no turning back. Unfortunately, many pregnancies are not necessarily planned and therefore the unsuspecting mom-to-be may still be drinking before she finds out she has actually conceived. Any amount of alcohol could do the unborn baby untold damage that could affect the way he lives and copes for the rest of his natural life.

Don’t think that just a glass or two won’t make it as far as the placenta – filtering through your blood system every drop of alcohol you consume will, without a doubt, cross through the placenta membrane and attack your developing child.


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