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Am I pregnant? The early signs

Early pregnancy Observe carefully – your body is trying to tell you something – the long-awaited bump could be closer than you think. Yes, and your body has many voices and not all of them so subtle. Join us to discover the early signs of pregnancy.



Bonding with the bathroom:

nausea morning sickness

Well this is probably the most unpleasant signs of pregnancy. These signals will have you running to the bathroom for various reasons throughout the day and night. Count yourself as extremely lucky if you are spared.

Morning sickness unfortunately is also afternoon sickness, evening sickness, midnight sickness and early morning sickness. This can rear its ugly head from the word go, but usually only sets in at six weeks for most. Relief can be expected in your second trimester. Your body will tell you what to steer clear of. When your body rejects something specific, be sure to substitute it with something less nauseating so you don’t lose out on important nutrients.

You are going to pee a lot. And when that is over, you are going to pee some more. Your baby is growing and putting pressure on your bladder. This will persist until birth. Be sure to visit the bathroom frequently, because the more frequent you urinate, the less likely you will fall victim to leakage. Unpleasant, yes, but to be fair, you are growing a baby in a very small compartment.

Another fun fact of early pregnancy, and possibly until the very end, is bloating and constipation, as progesterone slows down your entire digestive system.


Painful to be beautiful … and pregnant??

headache painPain is part of the game as your body is trying to absorb the sudden changes taking place in your body as it is readying itself to grow a baby. It is only natural to expect some -growing’ pains along the way.

While your breasts might feel slightly bigger, they probably hurt like hell – well, that is for most pregnant women. Other women could just experience that dull PMS-like tenderness in their breasts, or have no pain at all. Your areolas can darken and veins can be more visible. Find a comfortable and soft bra to carry them through this tough time.

The old headache and/or lower-back pain is also commonly found in newly pregnant women. Do take care not to ingest any pain killers that are not pregnancy-safe. Although you don’t really know if you’re pregnant yet, it is better to take precaution. While the hormone-induced headaches mostly endure in early pregnancy only, back pain can last well into your last trimester as you continue to gain weight.

PMS-like cramps could indicate pregnancy as your uterus is stretching to prepare itself to grow a new life. This is normally evident in early pregnancy. Again, be cautious when taking pain killers.


Of course I am hot:

basal body temperature fertility ovulationWell here’s something subtle and fuzzy. Early pregnancy can be detected when you religiously and accurately take your basal body temperature. It goes like this: you can usually tell when you are ovulating, as your basal temperature spikes a little. If this still persists two weeks later, it might be a sign that your body is getting ready to growing a new life.



Time-out necessities:

sleepy fatigue tired exhaustedThe following signs occur because your growing baby starts delving into your supplies. It is very important to listen to what your body is telling you now – do not overdo anything and take a breather as often as you like.

As your baby is feeding off your reserves, low blood sugar can set in, causing fainting or light-headedness. Be sure to stock up your internal pantry so there are plenty to go around for baby and yourself.

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Suddenly a morning or afternoon or evening nap is the best way you can think of to spend your time. Fatigue is bound to continue into your second trimester, as it is linked to increasing hormones.

No, just because you are short of breath doesn’t mean you are unfit all of a sudden, your baby is just using some of your oxygen and he/she will continue doing so until the very end of your pregnancy. Your lung capacity might also decrease as the pressure of the baby increases.


Oh gross, get that out of my face:

pungent smelly smell stinkOdours you used to delight in, now repulse you. How can this be possible? Often these new likes and dislikes can persist beyond your pregnancy, although not as intense. Nausea usually follows an -oh gross’.

Suddenly you just can’t take the smell of your own perfume, or the aroma of fish coming from the oven – you could be pregnant.

The intense dislike of certain foods is often linked to the newly found pungent smell you are attributing to the food. However, this is not restricted to smell – your taste buds also have a mind of their own. In the same way, your taste buds can go crazy for a certain food, and lots of it. Be aware that you don’t overstock on certain nutrients causing an imbalance when you give in to your cravings time and time again.


You have got to be kidding me!!!

mood swing angry furious upset



Are you having a permanent sense-of-humour failure, and making it really hard for others to be around you? From raging fits to sobbing lows – your increased new hormones confuse your emotions, causing non-permanent mood swings. Endure husbands, endure.



Bloody issues:

calendar period menstruationOff course your body needs to spell it out in big red letters if you’ve missed all the previous signs. As usual, blood is a good indicator of what is happening in your uterus. Here’s what early pregnancy-signalling blood looks like.

Well missing your period should be a major flashing-neon-lights type of sign. This is the good old faithful signal, especially when your period strikes like clockwork, even if abnormal conditions like severe stress don’t usually have an influence on how regular you are. Out comes the home pregnancy test when your period is a no-show.

Watch out, you may confuse early pregnancy spotting with your period. You may still be pregnant. Spotting that occurs in very early pregnancy can be -implantation bleeding’ – the fertilised egg causes a little bloodshed when it attaches to the uterine wall.


The final word:

As we all know, it aint over till the doctor sticks a needle in your arm. While a couple of home pregnancy tests, done fasting first thing in the morning, can be fairly accurate, many a mommy-in-waiting have been let down by this method. That said, if it turns positive, the next step should be the doctor’s office for proper blood tests to confirm your happy news.


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