Are you planning a Babymoon?


For expectant parents, a babymoon is essentially one last kid-less hurrah before your new roomie moves in.

You are counting down the weeks until the big event and you your husband are extremely nervous about the whole thing after all. From the moment you held that positive pregnancy test you knew your lives were going to be changed forever. You may wonder if your relationship will be the same or if you will be able to handle all the new responsibilities. You may even feel like you need time to escape and get your mind cleared. Well then a babymoon is just what you need!

A babymoon is a brand new concept where both parents take time off to relax and spend quality time together before the baby is born. It is one of the biggest travel trends at the moment and can provide a solid foundation for the changes that are about to happen in both your lives. These breakaways are planned to allow you to catch up on your rest, relax in your favourite environment, and give you time to reconnect and renew the romance. A babymoon can be anywhere from a tropical beach to a romantic country inn, the perfect getaway for you both.



Before you decide on a week in a remote treehouse lodge in the Amazon forest, there are some things that need to be considered.


  • Before you book your babymoon, talk to your preferred airline to find out what their travel policies are for expectant moms.
  • How close is the nearest hospital in case you go into labour unexpectedly? It probably won’t happen, but if it does you should be close enough to a hospital to get care.
  • How much walking (or stairs) will you have to do? Hiking to a restaurant ten blocks away is no fun when your ligaments are loose and your baby’s head is bumping your cervix with every step.
  • What can you afford? You have a lot of new expenses coming up and going into debt for a babymoon is not a great idea.
  • How do you two relax the best? Do you want a spa with prenatal massage or just a quiet hotel room with a scenic ocean view?
  • This should not be the sightseeing adventure of a lifetime but a chance to cocoon and chill out before your baby comes.



Just because you are a week away from your due date doesn’t mean you have missed out. Many new parents choose to wait until after the baby is born to take a few weeks away from reality and focus on becoming a family. There is a lot of wisdom in this because you won’t be worrying about meals, laundry or visitors and you can spend your time getting to know the newest member of your family, in your pyjamas.

It is important that you spend your time relaxing and that you stay as casual as possible. This will make it easier for you to stay in the moment.


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