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Top Tips On Creating The Perfect Nursery On A Budget

Creating the ideal nurserySure you may have always dreamed about the elaborate nursery that would await your offspring, but in the cold harsh light of day, its starting to look like you are going to have to scale down your elaborate dreams quite dramatically. The sad truth is that those drool- worthy luxury baby nurseries don’t come cheap; and amidst all the other baby-related expenses that arise, the decorating budget is often overlooked.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do to put together a gorgeous nursery without breaking the bank. This article will explain how to decorate and equip a nursery on a budget, as well as exploring a few tips that you can use to save a small fortune on nursery items without sacrificing on quality.

Decorating a nursery: the basics

All you really need to begin with; is an empty bedroom, a bit of time and some imagination. Before you hit the stores in search of all the bits and pieces you’ll need, take the time to;

  •                   Create an overall -needs’ list: Your nursery will need a cot, a changing table and a comfy chair for those early morning feedings. Sure there are plenty of other accessories that retailers would like you to believe you can’t live without, but in terms what you must have, that’s it. There’s also a variety of baby-related accessories that you will need, although many of these items come from the baby shower and your own shopping excursions.
  •                   Choose a theme: Whether you do or do not know the gender of your baby, you are going to need to come up with an overall theme for the nursery. It makes decorating a whole lot easier, and if you choose wisely, cheaper too! Some of the best nursery themes incorporate bright colours, and plenty of visual stimulation for baby. Jungle/safari/forest themes lend themselves to all kinds of fun murals and accessories, and can promote learning and stimulation from the very beginning.
  •                   Check what you have to work with: Do you already have a few items of baby furniture from your last child? Or perhaps a kind relative or friend has a few items that they can donate? If they are done with their nursery furniture, chances are you might be able to score some of the most expensive items for free! A bit of elbow grease can work wonders on used furniture and you can kit out your nursery for next to nothing. You can also look around your house for items of furniture that might be able to double up as nursery items. Can you spare a comfy chair or a chest of drawers with a flat top? The more resourceful you can be, the more money you will have to spend on other things!
  •                   Apply elbow grease liberally: Hopefully this falls mainly to the father-to-be. Fixing up old baby furniture can be quite an undertaking, but what’s an afternoon of fixing, sanding and painting compared to the cost of some of those furniture items?

Budget beating decorating tips:

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, it’s time to start hunting for the rest of what you need. Some tips for saving money in the process;

  • Scour the Internet for ideas: There are so many wonderful sites showcasing the latest and greatest baby nurseries. You’re sure to find heaps of inspiration as well as a limitless supply of ideas for kitting out the nursery.
  • Buy nursery furniture in sets: Nursery furniture often comes in a set which includes the basics and is often much cheaper than buying all items separately. Look for sets that co-ordinate with the theme you chose.
  • Shop around for discounted items online: Nursery furniture and accessories have trends of their own, and you can often stock up on last seasons popular items for less.
  • Go wild with paint: Murals are a cheap, effective way to create visual stimulation in a room. And a fun project for you and your partner too. Make it into a fun activity and create some outrageous wall art for your child to enjoy.
  • Do it yourself: If you’re able to knit or sew you can really add a few special little touches to the nursery without breaking the bank. Make curtains, blankets and other accessories to add little touches as you go.
  • Create a comprehensive baby shower wish-list for the rest of the items: That’s what baby showers are for, take advantage and stock up on any essentials you haven’t managed to get yet. Don’t be shy about asking for bigger ticket items, everyone you are asking has been in the same bewildered state when expecting a baby, and they know just how much it can all cost.

Decorating a baby nursery need not be expensive, rather save your cash for more important things.

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