Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower Etiquette

Most women over the age of 25 have been to a baby shower at some point in their lives. But if you are still a baby shower virgin, then you may find yourself a little confused on the dos and don’ts, after you receive your invitation, or when preparing for the big day before the actual big day. If you are still confused, read this for some clarity.


It’s a surprise

Unless otherwise stated, always assume that a baby shower is a surprise and that the mom-to-be has no idea what’s been planned. You don’t want to be the guest that spoiled the surprise. This means you can’t call her to apologise for not being able to make it before the shower. Rather wait until afterwards to send your apologies.


Who plans the shower?

Anyone can plan the shower, except the expectant couple of course. According to formal etiquette, someone who’s not a part of the family should do it. But hey, we live in the 21st century, so we’d say a cousin or aunt is perfectly suited to plan the event.


When is a good time?

Anytime before the birth is what’s common, although some mothers receive theirs after the birth. This is usually the case with a touch-and-go pregnancy or when culture doesn’t celebrate a pregnancy but rather a birth. Check to see if that’s the case — especially if you’re the baby shower planner. You don’t want to step on any toes.


Do I have to bring a gift?

That’s like asking, can I attend a party without wishing the person celebrating a happy birthday? Yes, you have to bring a gift and preferably one that’s listed on the gift register, if there is one.


Why is there a baby shower anyway, it’s her third baby?

There are no limits to the number of baby showers a mother can have. Unless she has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want one, then even 10 is acceptable.


The guest list, who should I invite?

The person planning the shower should know the mom to be pretty well. That makes it easier for them to decide on whom to invite. If you are not sure, talk to the dad-to-be, he should have a good idea.


What happens when we arrive?

There isn’t clear cut procedure on a programme of events at a baby shower, but you can expect games that involve baby powder, baby food and lots of baby talk. Be creative. Remember this is meant to be a fun day, so get with the programme. Don’t refuse to eat the pureed apples and pumpkin.


Can I bring a bottle of champers?

Well this is a touchy one for mommy-to-be. She is probably dying for a glass of bubbly, but as we all know, drinking while pregnant is not recommended. We’d say bring the champers but it should be 100% alcohol free.


Should daddy be there?

Different rules apply for different couples. Some dad’s prefer not to be there. Dad’s friends may be planning something specifically for him. Do a little investigating to see what will work best.


So what if she didn’t pitch?

Ok so some women get really upset if someone they were expecting to attend their baby shower is not there. While pregnant woman are generally emotional, please don’t turn your shower into a pity party. The 7 people who are there made it, didn’t they?


Guests honour your RSVP

There is nothing more annoying than having a guest RSVP for a baby shower and not pitch. Always consider that there is money, time and effort that goes into preparations and it is very inconsiderate to dishonour your RSVP.

Now that that’s out of the way, have a great time. It might be a while before your pregnant friend is able to hang-out with her girls again.

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