Breaking the happy news: telling your partner you’re pregnant


Nothing could be better than that moment when you get to tell your partner you are expecting a baby!

For some women, the unbridled joy and excitement of a positive pregnancy results in tears and shouting across the house the moment the second line appears, before your pants have even been pulled up properly.

But if you can muster some patience it’s worth creating an event out of telling him. You’ll be making a memory you can look back on fondly in the years to come.

There are many great ideas for how to share the happy news with your significant other. Here are just a few:

The mini meal: A firm favourite among many moms to be. Create a diner using as many baby and miniature items as possible. From baby back ribs to baby steaks to baby carrots, baby potatoes etc. Tell your hubby you have some news to share and that dinner will provide clues. If he doesn’t get the message during the main course, serve up the positive pregnancy test with coffee and a miniature dessert.

The happy snapper: Convince your man to climb into one of those photo booths at a shopping centre, the kind that takes a few photos for a few Rand and creates a strip of photos. Show him the positive pregnancy test just as the photos start snapping. You’ll have his priceless reaction captured on film forever. The strip of these photos will make a wonderful nursery decoration too.

Speak through his passions: If your man is an avid rugby/cricket/soccer fan this idea will work especially well. Order a onesie or any baby accessory branded with his favourite team. Got a huge Sharks fan, or an Arsenal lover? Find related merchandise for babies and have it wrapped up. Even if he isn’t a sports fan, any baby accessory related to a passion or hobby of his will do. Miniature tool kit, baby camping accessories, use your imagination. Add a sweet card and he’ll quickly catch on.

A radio dedication: Works wonderfully if you are not in the same geographical location and your man listens to a particular radio station regularly. Ask the DJ to announce the pregnancy and play a song that is special to you both or check his music player for a baby themed song that he loves. As an added bonus you’ll both get all warm and fuzzy every time you hear that specific song.

Just a little pea: Walk up to him, hand him a pea. Tell him -this is how big your baby is right now .

A gift pack for ‘pop‘: Browse your local shop for anything with the word -pop , -tot or -baby on it. A bag of POPcorn, some JellyBABIES etc. Make a gift pack and wait for him to figure out the common thread among all the items.

Personalised t-shirts: This requires quite a bit of foresight and planning but will be well worth it. There are many South African t-shirt printers who will add any message you want to a t-shirt. Something like -Baby on board will work nicely. Or have a t-shirt printed for him with something like -Congrats, your boys can swim . Or have your other children break the news with a -Big sister or -Big brother t-shirt. The only danger is that is might take him a while to notice, men are notoriously unobservant when it comes to clothing!

A message on your belly: A simple baby on board sticker on your tummy will be a sweet way to announce the happy news.

A bun in the oven: Put a literal bun in your oven at home, perhaps stick the positive pregnancy test in the middle. When he arrives home after work ask him to get dinner out the oven. Listen out for the moment he figures it out.

Straightforward and practical: Find a good book for dads to be. There are many fantastic ones available at any good book store. Wrap it up with the positive pregnancy test. This idea is great as he’ll have some kind of helpful resource to browse through once he’s started processing the big news.

Gift wrap your belly: Take a quick trip down to your local Cardies and ask them to help you tie a beautiful bow around your belly (the shop assistants do a wonderful job and it’s quite inexpensive). When he gets home tell him you have a gift for him and lift up your shirt to reveal your gift wrapped tummy. Perhaps write a message like -coming soon over your tummy too.


As a side note, if you plan on using the pregnancy test as part of the news sharing you might want to secure it in a ziploc bag or rather print out a photo of the positive test. Not all men relish the idea of inadvertently touching something you urinated on.

However you decide to the share the news with your man, he will undoubtedly be ecstatic at the thought of being a father. Hopefully using one of these ideas the moment you shared the news with him will be something he will remember for a long time. Although it might be near impossible to keep quiet while you put your wonderful plans into action, it will be well worth it. Make some effort to make it special and it might just become a story for the grand kids too.

– Kahea Rusch


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