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Dieting While Pregnant

Dieting while pregnantSo you’re overweight and just found out you’re pregnant. Concerned about baby’s health as well as your own? There’s one golden rule: Never diet while you’re pregnant.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you and your growing baby have to face certain risks because of the weight you’re carrying. You can actually drop those extra kilos without jeopardising your baby’s development. It all simply comes down to eating in a healthy and sensible manner. That way your baby will grow in a healthy cocoon, so the weight of the baby will inevitably impact on your own weight, yet you will be shedding the long- standing kilos not needed for baby. You will feel healthier, and this is a tell-tale sign that baby is healthy, too.

Diets aimed at losing weight can harm your baby as well as yourself. You and your growing baby need so many nutrients during the pregnancy that it would be very irresponsible and dangerous to actually try to lose weight by dieting, like you normally would.

The word -diet refers to the food we feed ourselves, even though it has connotations of weight-losing eating regimens. But actually, it also refers to healthy, nutritious eating plans.


Losing weight the balanced way

There are some diets on the market which are aimed at losing weight but via the balanced diet routine. These are quite safe for pregnant women, because eating right will prevent you from gaining unnecessary kilos. But it’s when a diet excludes the essentials we gain from nutritious foods that it becomes a negative proposal.

Eating five to six small, well-balanced meals a day is something we should all do, pregnant or not. This will keep your body well fed with goodness and it will speed up your metabolism, making it easier for your body to store goodness and provide you with the extra energy you need during your pregnancy months.

But any diet other than a well-balanced one is ludicrous. In fact, a pregnant mom will actually need to increase her calorie intake by 300. (The extra weight you will pick up during your pregnancy will be lost in no time after baby’s birth if the weight increase was gained from a well-balanced and nutritious diet).


Depriving baby

But dieting to lose weight during pregnancy will deprive your baby of essential nutrients which could cause untold complications during the birth as well as for junior, especially in his first few months.

Medical professionals agree that there is a very strong possibility that dieting while pregnant can put your baby at risk of birth defects, with abnormalities affecting the proper development of the brain which could cause cerebral palsy and even mental retardation.

The perfect diet for any pregnant mom is exercise plus good food. If you top up on daily exercise during your pregnant months, along with eating nourishing, wholesome food you will have a winning formula for the perfect diet. The benefits are enormous for your own health, the health of your unborn baby, the looming delivery and the wellbeing of your child from the time he takes his first breath.

Your body is doing a vital job as it nourishes your unborn. It is therefore important you get between three and five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. This includes one dark orange vegetable, and two leafy dark green vegetables. You should have two servings of extra-lean meats, chicken, fish, or cooked peas or dried beans. Try to drink eight glasses of water a day and have six servings of grains and three servings of non-fat or low-fat milk products.

Stay away from raw meats and certain seafood, such as shark, king mackerel, and swordfish.

The baby’s health is of prime importance and so eating sufficient amounts is necessary of the good stuff is the best thing to do!

 – Bev

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