Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During PregnancyExercise during pregnancy is possible. Pregnancy does not need to signify the end of fitness and well being and more than exercise being ideal to maintain a healthy body weight during pregnancy, the time that is spent exercising during pregnancy will pay off during labour. 

If an expectant mom is in good health and there are no complications with the pregnancy there is no reason for her not to exercise (even during the last trimester). Certainly the pregnancy bump may cause a few obstacles, but light exercising is highly beneficial.



If pregnant during the summer months of if fortunate enough to have access to an indoor pool, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for the soon to be mom. Water will cause the body to feel virtually weightless and the water will exert no pressure on the abdomen or back. Water aerobics is another fun water exercise and again, perfectly suited to the pregnant mom.


Dancing is good for the mind, body and soul. Dancing is a full body workout and will improve blood circulation. Avoid trying lifts or tilts while dancing.


Yoga is a relaxed form of exercise which allows the muscles to become supple.


A great exercise and an even better exercise when walking is enjoyed with a partner! A couple can walk around a lake or walk around the neighbourhood.  Walking will allow the heart to pump faster, muscles will be toned and the soon to be mom can enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.

As long as the exercise does not over-exert the body and if the mom listens to her body, exercise during pregnancy is safe and pleasurable and is able to offer a host of long term benefits.  For obvious reasons, one should avoid contact sports or extreme sports during pregnancy!


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