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Find Maternity Clothes Perfect For You And Your Budget!

Maternity wearAt some point in your life, you must have imagined what you might look like when pregnant. You probably pictured an ethereal glow, gorgeous curves and a limitless supply of perfectly fitting maternity clothes in every imaginable style and shape. Sadly, the truth is often a little less glamorous. In reality, you’ve probably got blotchy skin, swollen ankles and absolutely nothing to wear. Worst of all, those gorgeous maternity clothes are a lot more expensive than you bargained for!

If you are pregnant, you probably want to save your money for the vast multitude of other important expenses that will arise. There’s good news though, looking good throughout your pregnancy need not be expensive. Let’s look at a few ways to ensure you are comfortable and look good without breaking your budget…


Assess the situation: what do you really need?

The main thing to ask yourself is which essential wardrobe items you wear the most and which items will need replacing over the next few months. Deciding what you’re after before heading off on a shopping trip will save you money.

  • A few professional/work outfits. More spacious shirts, skirts and pants will all come in handy as your tummy grows.
  • A few casual/leisure items: jeans, t-shirts, skirts and dresses.
  • Comfy clothes: You will need a few items that are comfortable and breathable purely for lounging around the house. Think super-elasticized waistbands and spacious tops.
  • A selection of maternity underwear: There’s no escaping your growing need for spacious, comfy maternity bras and underwear. Budget for a few items throughout your pregnancy. The more supportive, the better.
  • One drop-dead gorgeous outfit: Every woman needs one -go-to’ outfit that makes her feel beautiful. Whether it’s a super-flattering dress or a beautiful shirt in just the right colour, it’s an absolute essential in any maternity wardrobe.


Save money on maternity clothes: 101

There are a few ways that you can save money on maternity clothes.

  • Ask around: Your fabulous and effortlessly stylish friends and family who have had babies undoubtedly have a few lovely maternity clothes that they will be all too happy to pass on. Clearing space in their wardrobes while giving you the ultimate wardrobe boost in one go; what could be better for all concerned?  Assuming they haven’t offered already, you just need to drop a few crafty hints about your dwindling wardrobe and watch the freebies pour in.
  • Shop creatively: Think beyond your local chain stores and forget about those designer boutiques! The best way to score cheap maternity clothes is to find good quality second hand clothes in your size. When it comes to shopping for maternity clothes; the Internet is your friend. Try shopping around online at places like or even your local Freecycle network. You might be very pleasantly surprised to find beautiful maternity clothes that are cheap or even free!
  • Buy a maternity band: These super-versatile and inexpensive accessories can make your pre-pregnancy wardrobe work for you again! It’s a wide elasticized band that fits over your pants/skirts to close the gaping hole left by the zipper you can’t zip up anymore. They retail for well under R200 and can make life easier and more comfortable for minimal cost.
  • Keep eyes and ears open: Even if you aren’t lucky enough to be pregnant and shopping for maternity clothes during sales season, there are still a few sneaky ways to score cheaper maternity clothes. Look for combo deals that include a selection of items for one price; there are a few online shops that offer these and the overall cost is greatly reduced as well as saving you a considerable amount of time you would’ve spent shopping around anyway.

By saving money where you can; you can ensure that there’s more leftover for the many other expenses that are going to crop up over the next few months and years. Try to buy versatile items that coordinate with each other well.


Getting the most value of maternity clothes

  • Versatility: Try to buy versatile items that coordinate with each other well. Pick a colour palette before you go shopping and you’ll never run out of ways to co-ordinate the maternity wear you’ve invested in.
  • Think about buying items that will work after baby arrives. Chances are that you will appreciate the extra coverage until your baby weight is gone. Look for pieces with expandable waistlines, tie-backs or other adjustable features.
  • Layers layers layers: Buying items that can be layered adds a whole new degree of functionality to your wardrobe. Layering is perfect for pregnant women because not only will you need to make a few items look like many more, but you’ll need to regulate your often unstable body temperature through a few seasons.

Spoil yourself just a little bit and guarantee that you feel and look fabulous throughout your pregnancy, you deserve it!


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