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Finding Comfortable Maternity Clothes!

Finding Comfortable Maternity Clothes!

If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant, you are probably excited about the prospect of shopping for maternity clothes. For women, selecting clothes which have been specifically designed to meet their body’s growing needs is often seen as a rite of passage – a journey to motherhood.


What to look for in maternity wear

  •   During pregnancy, the body will undergo many physical changes. It is important to look for clothes which are completely comfortable and clothing that is able to accommodate these changes.
  •   Try to find clothing, especially shirts or tops which can be used during breastfeeding. Your body will not return to normal immediately after the birth, and a loose-fitting blouse with buttons will prove to be very useful when breastfeeding.
  •   Style. Gone are the days when maternity clothes were frumpy and unflattering. Today’s wear is stylish, trendy and up-to-date.  The choices of maternity wear, includes, dresses, skirts, funky tops as well as trousers, costumes, Capris and jeans as well as evening gowns.
  •   Invest in at least two maternity bras.  The bras will offer excellent comfort during the last few weeks of pregnancy and will serve as feeding bras after baby’s birth.
  •  Ensure clothes are easy to care for, and made from natural fabrics. Most women will only have a limited number of maternity garments and will need to adopt a wash and wear approach.
  •   Many stores, especially online stores, offer combo value packs which are made up of basic garments, like skirts and trousers and a selection of matching shirts and tops. These can be mixed and matched during pregnancy.  Being specialty clothing, maternity wear is costly and these combos offer cash savings benefits, while also providing stylish and comfy maternity wear.
  •   Retailers such as Woolworths and Edgars offer a good selection on maternity wear, while online stores, such as offer easy online shopping for modern, comfortable and very trendy maternity clothing, along with winter and summer combo values packs.


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