Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Announcing pregnancyCongratulations, you are pregnant. This is such an exciting time in your life and you want to share the good news. It can be a lot of fun coming up with creative ways to tell everyone.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to spread the word to your significant other and/or your friends and family.


Telling your Partner

If you still have to tell your partner – when they aren’t looking, replace the CD in their car with a CD containing baby songs or lullabies.

Make a dessert and when dishing up your partners add in a dummy or small baby figurine and let them try and work out why this in their bowl.

Write the announcement on your bathroom mirror. When your partner takes a shower, they will come out and see the words in the foggy mirror.

Change the screensaver on your partner’s computer so when they turn it on it says -Congrats, we are pregnant.


Telling Friends

Get a group of friends together for tea or a meal and suggest a group photo. -Say Cheese’ for the first shot and then for the second, shout -Everyone say Sarah’s pregnant’ and click away. You get a priceless shot of everyone’s expressions and you get to share the moment with them.

If you have children already, they can help you share the news by wearing a t- shirt that might say -Big Brother/ Sister in training or -I’m the Big Brother/ Sister . Let them walk around with this on and see who notices. You can also take a photo of them wearing this to email family and friends that are not close by.

Write out the news on a piece of paper and put in a balloon. Blow it up and let the person you are telling pop it.

If you want to make a dramatic statement, let the announcer at a sports game or any other event that you might be attending make a public announcement.

If you are able to get a DVD of your ultrasound, play it at your next family or friends get together.

Try and make sure you are there to witness the surprises. Get a camera ready and take some classic shock and surprise pictures to have as a keepsake in your baby book.


Telling Family

If you live far away from your parents and in-laws and can’t tell them in person, then buy or make a beautiful card. Inside, in a child’s writing you can write something like, -Dear Granny and Granddad, I can’t wait to see you in 9 months’ time. Love from your Grandchild. They will get the picture and you will get a very excited phone call soon after.

If you want to announce your pregnancy to friends and family around the holidays you can include your message in a theme. For Easter you can put the message into a chocolate egg, for Christmas you could have a stocking with the name -Baby on it and hang them up or give them to friends.


Share it on the Web

Create a blog or website and add in the scan, expected date and any other news you want to share, you could even just have the phrase -we’re pregnant . Then tell friends and family -you have to see this website it is so funny, we know you will love it .

Wear a t-shirt with an arrow pointing down to your tummy with the wording -Baby Inside . Walk around casually and see how long it takes everyone to notice.


Telling Colleagues

If you want to let your colleagues at work know your news then give them a sweet surprise. Bake or buy cupcakes or cookies with pink or blue icing, sprinkles and some baby-themed decorations. When people at the office pass them around at tea time and notice them, the congratulations will start pouring in.

There aren’t many surprises in life so enjoy this opportunity to share, and have some fun with it. You will also create a great memory and a story to share with your child as they grow up.

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