How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

baby showerIf you are planning a baby shower for a girlfriend, sister, aunt or cousin, take the time needed to plan the perfect shower! 

The first part of planning the shower is the guest list. If the shower is being held in secrecy, discuss possible guests with the expectant mom’s partner, mom, sister, or work colleagues. Be sure to send out invitations well in advance (don’t leave it to the last minute!).


Planning tips and ideas

Decide on a theme and use the theme for decorating the venue and for the invitations.

Ideas for shower invites can be found on the Internet, or there are also ready-made invitations which can be purchased. Take time to select a special invitation as it is likely the soon to be mom will want to keep the invite, to remember the special day.

Look for a nice venue, usually showers are held at home, but for a shower with a difference, try to find a venue that is unique. Depending on the season, think of doing an outdoor shower (in the garden or in a park). Find a relaxed coffee shop (with an outdoor area), in this way organisers need not worry about food, as guests can order from the menu!

Decide if the shower should include male partners? Baby showers were once strictly reserved for ladies only! Things have changed and a lot of moms-to-be want to include their partners.

Gifts. Find out exactly what the expectant parents need. It will be silly if ten shower guests arrive with the same gift. Prepare a list and ask each guest to bring a specific item. Don’t make the gifts too expensive – try and stick to simple yet useful gift ideas, such as toiletries for baby, nappies, babygros, socks, vests, dummies, etc. A great gift choice is a yearly subscription to a baby magazine; perhaps get a few guests to club together for this gift, as it may a little on the expensive side.

A nice idea is to give mom a few personal -me time’ gifts, such as bath goodies. These will come in handy after baby has been born and mom craves a little alone time.

Baby shower games can be fun and enjoyable if they are planned well. Games such as -guess the gift’ or -rhymes’ will work well. Keep it fun and try to remember that not all soon-to-be moms are game for dressing up as babies or drinking floating objects out of a potty! Since it is their special day, arrange a shower that they will enjoy and remember fondly. Don’t pressurise the pregnant mom into doing anything is she not comfortable with!

Remember to arrange snacks and drinks for the shower. Cocktail snacks will work well, such as mini sausage rolls, chicken pieces, cupcakes, etc. If males are present, a braai is a good idea!

Be sure to take plenty photographs of the guests and of the guest of honour, keep a list of gifts (for thank you notes) and above all enjoy the happy day with the special soon to be mom.

Once the shower is over, select the best photo that captures the memories of the day and have it framed. It will be a perfect keepsake of the best planned baby shower for the soon to be new mom!


 – Kathy Baron


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