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Incorporating organic ideas into pregnancy

There is little argument about the many evils of pesticides and the effects they might have on your unborn baby. But it is not just pesticides that you need to worry about; between the synthetic hormones, fertilizers and unidentified chemicals lurking in the average home, there are plenty of reasons to switch to a more organic lifestyle whenever possible.

An organic pregnancy encompasses a lot more than a few dietary changes, and if you are really serious about giving your baby the best possible start in life then its time you started learning more about making organic choices.


Some tips for an organic pregnancy:

–                   Eat organic produce whenever possible: Sure, it can be difficult to splurge on nearly every organic alternative, but in some cases, it is really better to spend a bit extra to ensure fresh, pure produce.

–                   Avoid known toxins: There are many foods that are known to be more harmful to pregnant women; fish containing high levels of mercury are just one example of foods that need to be avoided during pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you on the complete list of the most dangerous items.

–                   Choose organic household products wherever possible: Many of the most harmful chemicals known are hidden in your everyday household cleaners. If you must use toxic chemical cleaners, at least try to limit your exposure through gloves. Better yet, splurge on some lesser chemical household cleaners.

–                   Make other organic choices in your life: Wherever possible, you will need to limit your exposure, and once you become aware of the many potential dangers lurking in everyday items, you will probably start noticing other areas where you might need to make a few changes.


Make sure your little one gets the best possible start to life by surrounding them with only the best organic products.


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