Maternity leave vs promotion: your fears


Are you dreading to go on maternity leave instead of rejoicing? Afraid that Super Sally will take over your responsibilities and be better at your job than you are? Or maybe you have that promotion coming up and fear that your absence is going to make you redundant. You are not alone.

Firm asked 1 300 women about how they feel about going on maternity leave, and half of them said they will surely consider hiding that they are pregnant if they have a new job or possible promotion coming up.

Here are some more statistics:

Two-thirds of pregnant women are of meaning that they are putting their jobs on the line, leaving the door wide open for colleagues to move in when they go on maternity leave. Seven in ten women feel that they will be redundant and that their job is vulnerable when they are on leave for such a long time. Three in four women is of meaning that their chances on a promotion looked bleak when they had babies. It was found that two-thirds earned less after they had children.

Paul Jenkins, CEO says, -Women face countless unspoken taboos when it comes to having children and maintaining a career. Our survey, Boardrooms and Babies, makes this all too clear. We wanted to drill down into what women really experience, practically and financially, in the workplace when a baby appears on the scene.

Even though the labour law is on women’s side, they still tend to feel that climbing the corporate ladder is somewhat limited when being off for such a long period spending time with their little one.



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