Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

Downsides of pregnancyAh, there’s nothing quite like the taste of vomit first thing in the morning. And somehow, no matter how many times you brush your teeth, it’s a taste you can’t shake off. Even worse than the lingering pukey aftertaste is the fact that you can almost certainly look forward to a few repeats over the first three months of your pregnancy, or more! Yup, morning sickness is no joke, especially when you are caught in the throes of it every day.
This article will explore some of the best all natural morning sickness remedies you can use to alleviate what is possibly the most horrible pregnancy symptom.
Morning sickness affects the majority of pregnant women, and is considered by some to be a good sign that the pregnancy is progressing as normal. For some women, the vomiting becomes a daily occurrence throughout the pregnancy resulting in a danger to the baby. For the vast majority of women, morning sickness is just a temporary discomfort that needs to be managed.
There’s no need to turn to chemicals and potentially dangerous pills to treat your morning sickness, especially when there are so many natural, effective home remedies available in your kitchen and grocery store.

Natural morning sickness cures:

1. Make a few minor lifestyle changes: Morning sickness appears to become worse when there are major fluctuations in blood sugar, to combat this try to eat more frequently. It’s called morning sickness because it is most commonly experienced in the morning, try snacking on a cracker before getting out of bed to curb the initial sugar dip. Try to limit your exposure to nauseating smells, if possible have someone else cook for you.
2. Ginger: in whatever form you can find it, is known to be one of the best natural morning sickness remedies around. Ginger tea, ginger added to your food, ginger snaps or ginger beer all work wonders to ease morning sickness!
3. Acupuncture: Acupuncture has been clinically proven to reduce morning sickness and has no side effects. You can get miniature and portable acupuncture relief with the wrist bands that stimulate the p6 acupuncture point. They’re inexpensive and proven to reduce morning sickness. The Sea band brand boasts that they are the only clinically tested acupuncture brand on the market.
4. Eat Cabbage: Cabbage may not be the tastiest option, but it’s one of the most effective morning sickness cures around. There is one potentially disconcerting side effect; cabbage is a notorious cause of flatulence. It’s worth a try if you, and those around you, can stomach it.
5. Apple cider: Apple cider is a well-known remedy for morning sickness, as well as a number of other health complaints that are common in pregnancy. Dilute it with some warm water and honey and sip whenever nausea strikes.
5. Peppermint: Peppermint flavours seem to work well for morning sickness. Try peppermint tea, peppermint lozenges or anything else you can find. Peppermint is known to have a soothing effect for any digestive troubles as well as nausea.
6. Sucking on ice cubes or making ice cubes out of fruit juice: You can also make frozen lollies, an especially wonderful treat in the heat of summer!
7. Sniffing lemon peels: The scent of freshly cut lemons seems to work for some women, for others anything lemon-scented will do. There are all kinds of lemon-scented products that could help immensely with your morning sickness.
8. DIY aromatherapy: You don’t need to spend a small fortune on a trip to an aromatherapist; you can reap the benefits using a simple oil burner. Burning some oils will impart a lovely fragrance through your home and might potentially help your morning sickness by masking any odours that might be unsettling you in your home. You can also drop a little bit of oil onto a tissue and sniff it for a quick nausea relieving fix. Some essential oils are dangerous for use during pregnancy, so be sure to check and double-check before using them. Also, try to use lower concentrations of the oils in burners and the bath.
Try a few of these natural morning sickness remedies or trawl the web for a few more and experiment a bit. You have nothing to lose except your breakfast.
In some cases, extreme morning sickness can become a dangerous situation for mother and child. If your morning sickness is severe, you’ll need to see your doctor about trying some of the more traditional medical treatments available. It might be as simple as supplementing your B6 intake or adding a safe anti-nausea medication like Emex or Emetrol.
There’s no need to spend the first few months of your pregnancy worshipping the porcelain gods, using some of these time honoured morning sickness cures you can conquer your morning sickness.

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