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Pre-order a Boy or Girl?

Pre-order a Boy or Girl?

Before the days when humans had an understanding of human genetics and the complicated nature of human science, women were thought to be completely and wholly responsible for producing either a baby boy or girl baby. There are even cases in history were woman were put to death (Queen Anne) for their inability to produce an heir to the throne (or a much wanted son).

Today, we have come a long way and now most educated folks have a rough idea of how a baby’s gender is determined and most are aware of the fact that a man’s sperm contains the determining factor on whether the baby conceived during intercourse will be male or a female.

During fertilisation, the male’s fertilising sperm will either contain the X chromosome or the Y chromosome of which an X is a girl and Y is a boy. If King Henry was a little more informed on the subject of human genetics he would have known that woman only have X sex (female) chromosomes, and their partner’s sperm carry a mix of both X and Y chromosomes. After intercourse the sperm makes it journey towards the unfertilised egg (which already contains the X chromosome), and once the egg and sperm meet, if the sperm contains the Y (XY) chromosome, a male child will result and XX will produce a female child. In this way, the woman is let off the hook and is in no way responsible for determining the sex of her unborn baby. This task of producing a female or male child rests solely on the shoulders of the man’s fertilising sperm and whether it contains the X or Y chromosome.


Can couples pre-order a male or female child?

This is an age old question and perhaps now that it is a given that the man determines the sex of the baby, it may be possible for couples to try for a boy or a girl. For centuries tales have been told to couples on how they can -put in an order’ for a baby of their choice, but most are simply old wives tales and don’t hold much water. One in particular is to engage in sexual intercourse while standing up if a male baby is desired, as the Y chromosomes weigh less and that making love in an erect position will allow the smaller and lighter Y chromosome to rush ahead of the X chromosomes. This seems to sound a little far-fetched and there is not much information available to actually confirm or deny this theory.

Other interesting theories, which seem to make a little more sense when it comes to putting in a -pre-order’ for female baby is the fact that the male chromosomes (Y) are not as strong or hardy as the X chromosomes. It is thus easier to pre-order a girl than a boy and this can be done by:

  •        Making love at least once a day;
  •        Selecting sexual positions that will cause the X chromosomes to swim for a longer period (such as the missionary position). With these chromosomes being far hardier than the Y chromosomes, the female chromosomes will have the staying power to go the distance.



A lot has been said about the foods eaten during the pre-conception period, and this has proven to be very successful with those who are trying to conceive a girl child. Couples eager for a baby girl should stock up on chocolate and sweets, a good supply of fresh fruits and vegetables and consume tons of fish.

Other tips that may help to conceive a girl include;

  •        Rather than waiting for nightfall to indulge in intercourse, try afternoon sex;
  •        The woman should reach an orgasm first;
  •        Have sex on even days, as opposed to every day of the month;
  •        Or sex during a full moon.

There are also scientifically-based methods and techniques, like MicroSort.  Although this does not accurately separate the X and Y sperms, it does increase the couple’s chances and the success rates currently stand at 91% success for a girl and about 76% for a boy. This is a very costly method and few couples in South Africa will be able to afford this technique, just yet.

For the most part, prospective parents are happy to leave the gender of their unborn baby up to Mother Nature rather than science. Although there are methods on how to -order’ the gender of a baby, for the most part, couples are overjoyed with their newborn son and daughter and do not feel a need to -put in a special order’. MicroSort is beneficial in cases where couples want to reduce the inheritability or the health impact of sex-linked or sex-limited genetic diseases in their conceived children.


– Kathy Baron


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