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Supporting pregnant partnerNobody really understands how difficult pregnancy can be for the expectant father. Your partner is going through a rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes it feels like there is very little for you to do aside from hanging on for dear life and doing your very best not to upset your partner. 

This article will explore some of the things expectant fathers should know about supporting their partner…


Supporting your pregnant partner: some tips

  1. Get informed: Taking care of your partner is a lot easier when you know what to expect. Stock up on a range of pregnancy and parenting books that are written for fathers and learn as much as you can before baby arrives. Spend some time reading up about the many effects of pregnancy; it will make it vastly easier to support your partner in the ways she needs it most.
  1. Try to be understanding: For most dads-to-be, the continual hormonal roller coaster is nothing short of terrifying. Sure, your lovely lady might be one of the lucky ones who glows and smiles throughout this joyous time. She might also morph into a very scary version of her previous self that is unreasonable and teary at the drop of a hat. Summon up all the possible patience and love you can muster and do your best to be the calming, supportive presence she needs.
  1. Take care of the practical details: With a baby on the way, there are probably dozens of things you need to do to prepare. From arranging a nursery to setting up a solid healthcare plan, there are plenty of practical things you can do to ease her worries and contribute to a stress free pregnancy.
  1. Indulge her a bit: Whether it’s a midnight trip to the grocery store in search of gherkins and crunchy peanut butter or an early morning leg massage, there are lots of little ways that you can show your appreciation for the woman who is carrying your child. Pamper her with little gifts and be sure to surprise her with flowers at least a few times.
  1. Find support: Pregnancy can be tough on everyone, especially the father-to-be. Luckily, there are many men in the same position who are eager to talk about what they are experiencing. Attending pre-natal classes with your partner is a great way to make some new guy friends who are in a similar stage of life; you might even learn a few valuable parenting tips!

Using these tips you can be sure that the mother of your child will have a healthy, happy pregnancy and most importantly, a healthy happy baby.

– Kahea Rusch


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