Pregnancy And Sex

Eager dadWhen a pregnancy has been confirmed, the soon-to-be parents question if pregnancy and sex go together. The pregnant mom may feel reluctant to engage in the pleasures of sex, while the soon-to-be dad, may feel concerned that sex will, in some way harm the growing baby. The fact is that sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and is in fact encouraged.

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion and with regular sexual encounters, the expectant parents can continue to enjoy each other’s company and strengthen their bond with each other, enjoying regular and pleasurable intercourse. Indeed the raging hormones sparked by the growing baby, may put an end to sex for a few weeks – especially in the last weeks of the first trimester when the mom-to-be feels exhausted and frazzled. By the early parts of the second trimester, mom’s energy levels will be at an all-time high and these high energy levels may very well be carried into the bedroom. Dads, who are concerned about harming the growing baby during sex, can be assured that no harm will be caused to the unborn baby!


There are of course, cases where sex and pregnancy do not go together and these include:

Unsafe sex

  • High-risk pregnancies – if the mom has experienced bleeding or spotting, it is usually not advisable to engage in sexual activities. Moms will need to receive the go-ahead from her medical caregiver, when such activities should be resumed. High-risk pregnancies also include pregnancies in which the woman suffers from elevated blood pressure, multiple pregnancies or in cases where premature labour has been experienced. All concerns about sexual intercourse should be addressed and discussed with the obstetrician, or caregiver who will be able to provide the best medical information as to whether not couples should be making love, or when it is safe to do so.
  • Other conditions that may also cause sex to be stopped during pregnancy include, abdominal cramping, dilated cervix, if a woman’s water has broken, or if the woman suffers from placenta previa.

Sex can be enjoyed right up until the third trimester, and although it may become slightly uncomfortable during the second trimester, couples can try to experiment with different sexual positions. The use of lubricants or sex toys is also 100% safe during pregnancy, and lubricants may need to be used towards the end of the third trimester.


Enjoy each other without sex

If libidos are low and couples really not into the idea of passionate lovemaking while pregnancy, the act of sex is not the only way to enjoy intimacy. Try body massages, a warm bath together, spending time chatting, or enjoying a romantic night out is the perfect way to spend an intimate evening together. A date may be what’s needed to spark an evening of passion. Men should also bear in mind that women may not feel at their all-time best when they are pregnant and this may certainly lead to a lowered sex drive. Men – make your lady feel extra special, at all times!


All couples are different

While many couples are perfectly happy to enjoy each other during the months of pregnancy, there are others who may feel uncomfortable indulging in intercourse. It may be psychological or could be that they just feel uncomfortable or ill at ease. Expectant parents need to discuss their desires on intimacy and one half of the couple should not be forced into sex – if they are not at ease. Rather than trying to coax one another into sex – use the time to enjoy the last few months of being a couple.


 – Kathy Baron



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