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Reducing allergies: can I eat peanuts while pregnant?


In a recent study supported the hypothesis that exposure to allergens early on in a person’s life, makes it more likely that a person can develop tolerance, successfully lowering the likelihood of developing a food allergy during childhood.

According to Michael Young in the study by the Boston Children’s hospital, published in the JAMA Pediatrics journal, the findings were that eating peanuts during pregnancy will not prevent allergy, but -peanut consumption during pregnancy does not cause peanut allergy in children.

In 2000 The American Academy of Pediatrics supported a peanut-free diet to decrease allergies in children. However, the opposite that was hoped for happened: the number of patients with peanut allergies kept on rising, and even tripled over the preceding 15 years. The outcome was that, in 2008, The American Academy had to drop the endorsement.


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