Pregnant and having a wardrobe crisis?


Pregnant? Yes you can still strut your stuff.

There is no reason why practicality can’t meet beauty halfway.

Here are a few pointers for choosing maternity wear that will keep you looking beautiful throughout your pregnancy.

Buy as you outgrow your clothes
Don’t visit the store once, at the start of your pregnancy, and think you are going to be happy down the line. No, rather see how and when your body is changing. There are no guarantees as to how your body will carry your baby (or babies!), how big your boobs or your bum will get… Also, you might want to use shopping to treat yourself after a gruelling week of bad hair and skin and wardrobe days, so don’t spoil it upfront.

Be practical, but don’t forget pretty
Yes you are carrying a little wonder inside your tummy, and your heart melts every time you see a little jumpsuit that you just -have to’ buy; but take care not to forget about yourself and your own appearance. It is important for you to love your body and to carry yourself with confidence, and clothing is a very powerful tool to assist you in that.

Variation is key
The last thing you want to do is throw on one gray or beige dress or shirt and trousers after another – all in the same style, because you think that suits your changing body. Yes, there are some good-old-faithful cuts like the A-line that is an unmistakable must for rounding bellies, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with colour, textures and patterns.

Buy soft pastels (which is the trend this Spring) or floaty florals for weekends. You want to accentuate your femininity by showing a little bit more skin – like a thin straps stretching over your back, or a bustier option like tops/dresses that are tighter around the bust or is a lower cut or has more detail around the cleavage area.

Go for more power-dressing at work (you’ll need the boost on those extra hormonal days), wearing sleek black mid-calve skirts or slacks with crisp white shirts, scarlet red A-line dresses and bright-coloured pumps to offset the colour blocking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with stripes, dots and bows on shoes.

Comfort is king
Now that you have your outdoorsy variety, be sure to have a few pairs of tracksuit pants and tops or comfy shorts and shirts on hand to wear at home (take note: ONLY at home). Although prettiness takes a backseat here, don’t forget that there’s probably someone at home that has to look at you all the time.

An elegant number
Choose at least two or three pretty dresses that you can wear to a special night out with your partner. It is important to not just buy the first thing you see – you must feel and look good in it. Nights like these will carry you through the harder times.

Accessories can turn one outfit into ten. Get a couple of scarves, chunky costume jewellery from beads to silver to gold, hair clips, colourful handbags and watches and sunglasses – then mix and match to suit your mood.

Confidence is beauty
Lastly, it is all about how you carry yourself. Embrace and learn to love your changing body – and show this love by exuding confidence. You can pull off anything with a little bit of oomph.


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