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Pregnant With Twins – What To Expect

The time has come and you find out that you are pregnant. This is something that you have been waiting for and now it is happening. You are excited and call up every one of your family members and friends on the phone to share the great news. You cannot stop beaming and yet you are scared because this is your first time and you are not sure of what is expected of you. Well, this is a natural process and a time to be happy and delighted in your findings.

You have to now take regular trips to the doctor to get your physical check up that will ensure that the baby is fine. On one particular occasion, you did an ultra sound and your doctor tells you that you are having twins. The shock and bewilderment on your faces show that you are even more scared than before you knew that you were going to have twins.

There will be a lot of emotion such as anxiety, careful excitement and trepidation. There will be a lot of questions that you will want to get answered. There will be doubts about whether you can take care of two babies at a time.

Physical signs will begin to reveal the fact that you are indeed carrying twins such as a bigger stomach, more discomfort in your abdomen, a lot more weight gain and possibly other individual symptoms depending on the person. You will probably feel tired most of the time in comparison to a normal pregnancy.

You will have to do a few more ultra sounds than a woman who is pregnant with one child. The doctor will want to make sure that both babies are doing well at various intervals during your pregnancy. Some people who are pregnant with twins will find it an added stress because they may not have thought about having twins before and the idea of taking care of two babies might be somewhat overwhelming.

The body may produce more hormones and you may have varying symptoms such as emotional upheaval, shortness of breath, constipation, and possibly back pain in the last trimester due to the weight of the babies.

Most doctors consider a twin pregnancy to be higher risk so you will be closely monitored during the pregnancy. You are now eating for two babies to get the right nutrients, so you have to be sure that your diet is filled with the essential vitamins, proteins and minerals to compensate your little ones growing inside of you.


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