Reduce Your Pregnancy Pain!

Pain during pregnancyThere’s more packed into the saying -a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby’ than we often take seriously. In your womb, your baby will draw all the essential goodness he needs from what you feed him indirectly by feeding yourself. This not only applies to the obvious, but to the goodness of mind and of physical exercise, too. Strike food, positive thoughts and exercise off the list and your body will react with pain of some sort or another.

Spare your unborn child this difficult start and give yourself a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy at the same time. But bear in mind if you are experiencing discomfort or pain, the chances are your baby is somehow bearing the brunt of it.

What you eat, your unborn child eats, too. Baby will take as much as he can from you as your body is his only source of nourishment. If he needs more calcium, or more vitamin A, he will help himself to that which is in your system and at the end of the day, you could be left depleted. And when your body runs low on the essentials, your body will complain by inflicting pain on you.

This is why eating a balanced diet is vital – so your baby is fed and so you don’t go without, therefore suffering anything from mild to extreme pain during your pregnancy.

One of the most common problems causing pain during pregnancy is gum and tooth problems. We all know how awful toothache and sore gums can be and this is why ensuring a healthy intake of calcium and vitamin C is so important. Calcium is also necessary to keep your bones strong and healthy while you carry the extra weight of your unborn child for nine months.

Swelling can be another painful symptom. Usually water retention, some 70% of pregnant women experience this troublesome condition. You need to steer clear of salty foods and ensure you drink loads of water.

Although rarely discussed, pubic pain during pregnancy can be substantially debilitating. Mostly, combating this condition carries little advice and is simply addressed as something some moms-to-be experience and must just learn to live with. However, many women have found relief from chiropractic manipulations. The cause of this pain is thought to be the widening of the gap where the pubic bones meet in preparation for baby’s birth.

Pregnant or not, we often find that a teaspoon or two of exercise is just what the doctor ordered when we least feel we have any stamina at all, or when our muscles and joints are too achy to comply.

Pregnancy is a mammoth task for our bodies to embrace. It is not surprising, therefore, that even the healthiest of pregnancies are bound to drag you down and cause discomfort and pain in some form or another.

Surprisingly, aches and pains can occur from even before you’re showing. Because of a change in weight, balance and hormonal distribution, the back is the hardest hit area, slowly -sharing’ this pain and discomfort with the rest of the body. Such pain can become a very real companion throughout your pregnancy.

Almost every pregnant mom you meet will complain of lower back pain. With the spine being the base of the skeletal form, this is understandable considering the extra weight the body is carrying. Strong abdominal and pelvic muscles can drastically reduce this pain. Exercises especially for strengthening this area will help reduce most lower back pains.

A change in posture and some simple exercise techniques can help you manage many of the pains while strengthening your back for delivery.

Yoga is a long tried and tested exercise for pregnant woman, given that its passive technique allows you to set your own pace as well as your own boundaries. There are also other passive forms of exercise you could try, with many books giving step by step picture illustrations on just how each exercise should be carried out.

Although speed walking may not be too comfortable, try a gentle 20 minute walk each day! And then there’s water aerobics – on your own or in a group – a very  passive and yet extremely effective workout, too. The fresh air, the cool water and the enjoyment of doing something good for both your body and mind can really accentuate quality -you’ time!

So step out in style and take the plunge to a healthy you and a healthy baby!


 – Bev


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