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Science or Fiction: Can You Choose Your Baby-s Sex?

ConceptionOne of the most common questions asked of a pregnant woman is: -What are you hoping for? A boy or a girl? And most times the response is: -I don’t mind, so long as it is healthy . Mostly, the answer is true, but there are some parents out there for whom the sex of their unborn child does matter, so let’s be honest and face this fact.

This article will explain the myths and traditions many follow in order to create the sex of their child. We’ll tell you what many think they should do, eat or say in order to bring the child of their gender choice into this world.

Different cultures often have their own set of rules for conception and these vary widely. Africa certainly doesn’t escape this phenomenon especially with its traditional African tribes. These beliefs can range from adding witch doctor medicine to drinking water before intercourse to undergoing certain skin-cutting rituals which appear to be quite aggressive and vicious.


Crazy beliefs

You may think this crazy but before you label it take a minute to consider so-called first world beliefs which are carried out more frequently than you may wish believe. A common belief in the modern world for conceiving a boy often involves dad participating by drinking as much fizzy cool drink as he can for anything up to six months before he and his partner try to fall pregnant.

Some of the tips on the -do’ list for conceiving a boy include mom eating loads of red meat (never mind what this would do to her poor heart!), salty biscuits and potato chips. For girls it’s the rule of fish, veggies and the sugary pleasures in life!

This, added to other fool-proof recipes for ensuring you have a son are religiously followed by many westernised couples. Love-making plays a big part, too, and many believe various positions will achieve their goal. It is also said that the woman should lie flat on her back with her legs straight up against the wall for up to an hour after sex, she shouldn’t wash for 12 hours after sex or the couple should only try to fall pregnant if her body temperature reaches a certain temperature.

And then there are those who put their faith in the moon, trying to fall with a son by making love when the moon is a quarter, or a girl when the moon is full.


Researchers’ explanation

We could go on for ages but for those of us who believe myths are myths and science is science we’ll share with you what researchers have proved in this area. They explain that men produce two different kinds of sperm cells, those which would create a boy and carry the boy’s Y chromosome and the X chromosone which would produce a girl. At the time of ejaculation the girl sperm cells swim much slower than their brothers but they live inside the women for a longer time than the boy sperm. It is basically like a race for the boy and girl sperm and they have a time limit, too, because the female egg produced by the women only remains fertile for just 24 hours from the time it is released during monthly ovulation.

If you and your partner have strong preferences regarding the sex of your child, then knowing this could get you pretty close to the mark but it is important to familiarise yourself with your body and its narrow ovulation window. It is all about timing. The more sure you are of this, the more successful you may be.

The golden rule for creating a little girl is, once you know your ovulation date, then make love at least two days before you ovulate. This will give the male sperm time to use up their energy and die off which will leave you with the slower swimming, female sperm to meet the egg which is ready to be fertilised.

But it is a personal choice: a wonderful surprise in the labour ward or having the joy of naming your child and in a sense, bringing him or her to life, before they embrace the love you have waiting for them!


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