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Status Update: I-m Pregnant!

Status update: I'm Pregnant!

You’re pregnant, yes!!! Finally, you have a baby growing inside of you and naturally, you are over the moon.

What great news.

Now comes the fun part. How are you going to announce this to the world? One option is to post it as your status update on facebook or twitter. Here are some creative ways to break the news.

Sick with the Egyptian flu

If you decide to take the social media route, describe your condition as the Egyptian flu. List the symptoms as being ill for nine months until you become a mommy. Watch as your status is commented on, almost immediately. This might just go viral.

Peas in a pod

Tell your husband you are pregnant by handing him a pea. At the beginning of your pregnancy, your baby is literally this size. Expect some confusion at first, and tears and leaps of joy straight afterwards. We hope?

Bun in the oven

If you’re not much of a baker, then have a bun designed with the words I’m pregnant” on it. After all, you’re body is busy baking a baby.

Baby on board

Visit your local stationary store to buy a yellow construction sign and some scrapbook stickers. Place the sign with the words -baby on board on your belly, and show your partner when he least expects it. We wouldn’t recommend this if he has a serious heart condition.

Gold medal

Preggo mom Natalie Johnson told her husband she was pregnant by presenting him with a medal with the words, your boys can swim, engraved in it. A much deserved medal, we’d say.


Take a picture of your positive home pregnancy test and email it to close friends and family. This should shock the socks off the receivers.

Say baby!

Invite family and friends over for dinner and take a picture. Instead of asking everyone to say cheese, ask them to say baby. Now that should make an interesting picture.

Baby booties for the Christmas tree

If your family exchange Christmas tree ornaments every year to hang on the tree. Then we suggest you replace the angels with cute baby booties.

Baby isle

Next time you and your partner are at a family clothing store, casually take him down the baby isle. Start picking out clothes and watch out for his response. He may think you’ve gone crazy.

Happy Fathers Day

If you find out your pregnant only days before Fathers Day, then take this as an opportunity to break the news. Create or buy a Father’s Day card signed from mommy and baby.

Replace -I with -we

While having a conversation with your husband, family or friends, replace -I with -we . They will probably try and correct you at first. But continue doing this until they figure it out.

Make aunty and uncle t-shirts

Print the words aunty, uncle, grandma and grandpa on plain t-shirts and present them to the appropriate family members. Don’t expect them to wear them all the time though.

Whichever creative way you choose, enjoy sharing the news with your family and friends and enjoy watching their reactions. By the way, congratulations, you’re going to be a great mommy.

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