The Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancyWomen fall pregnant all around the world on a daily basis, and they have done so forever. It’s a natural thing but what people may forget is that a brand new person growing inside your body is a life-changing experience – emotionally and physically.

These changes can be very difficult to deal with, especially considering our lifestyles have evolved so much over the years and most pregnant women are now juggling family, the home, careers which often involve long working hours with loads of stress, and, of course, caring for their unborn babies.

Every little ounce of help a pregnant woman can get will go a long way in helping her cope with this lifestyle change.

There are many things pregnant women can do, such as embarking on a healthy eating plan, getting enough sleep and relaxation, having a helpful spouse around the house… but there is another very popular course of action that can help you, if you are pregnant, and your unborn baby.


Supple and flexible

We all know that the benefits of yoga can help our bodies become more supple and flexible. We also know that yoga can assist us emotionally by creating a sense of focus and calmness. An inner peace, if you will. And this is when we are not even carrying the stresses and aches and pains of pregnancy!

That’s why so many women believe in the power of yoga during pregnancy months, too.

Yoga during pregnancy will undoubtedly improve your sense of balance and your circulation, it will firm your muscles (which we all worry about during our pregnancies!), assist you on an emotional level by helping you attain focus and calmness, and will help reduce your levels of stress and replace it with relaxation. This last point will, in turn, help you sleep more comfortable and peacefully.


Yoga DVDs

Yoga is a great exercise for pregnant women whether you have practiced it before or not. If you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home then there are numerous yoga DVDs for pregnant women, however, if you attend a class you will have the instructor on hand to correct and help you with some of the moves.

The one vital point about doing yoga when you are carrying a child is to breathe correctly so you and your unborn child both receive enough oxygen to the muscles. The breathing skills you will learn will also help in the delivery process.

If you have been doing yoga through your pregnancy you will invariably experience a smoother and easier delivery and your body will have the benefit of recovering quicker. This includes assisting in restoring not only your body shape but also your uterus, pelvic floor and abdomen.


Keep it slow

When doing yoga during your pregnancy you should remember to keep away from exercises where you need to stretch excessively in order to not strain a muscle. Keep to exercises that allow you to move slowly, and after your second trimester it’s advisable that you avoid any exercise moves that require you to lie on your back, as these will decrease the blood flow to your uterus.

In the latter stages of your pregnancy you may find it difficult to keep your balance. At this time it’s a good idea to use a chair for support.

Yoga is a passive and low-impact form of exercise enjoyed by millions – pregnant or not. Listen to your body and perform only the exercises you and your unborn child are comfortable and happy to do. It’s an exercise method that has great benefits and pregnant or not, women around the globe experience great fitness, relaxation and suppleness from. You, too, could be one of them!


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