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naming the babyParents are awarded the full naming rights over their brand new infant and it is often difficult to decide on the perfect name.





Here are a few baby naming tips:

  •           When selecting a name, try to find a name that will suit the surname. If you have a particularly long surname, try and avoid long names and double-barrelled names. Carefully consider name and surname together.
  •             If you are going to give the child a second name, what will the initials be – if the first name is Amber, second name Sarah and surname Smith, the child will have the initials ASS! Try not to have multiple names. Try to stick to two names as most application forms will not be able to accommodate a list of five names!
  •             Exotic-sounding names are great, but remember the child will probably have to spend most of his or her life either spelling the name, or correcting mispronunciations of the name.
  •             Longer names, such as Jonathan are usually shorted to John, or Matthew to Matt, so consider the shortened version of the name when choosing a longer name. Those who are not happy about the name being shortened may think about names which cannot be made shorter, like Lynn.
  •             In many cultures, the oldest child is required to take on a family name. If either parent is unhappy about this, perhaps they should make a suggestion for a name with a similar meaning or another version of the name.
  •             Practise saying the name, how does it sound out loud? Try to imagine how the name will look on a business card or an office door?
  •             Cutesy or trendy names (usually picked from afternoon soapies) may be perfect for a toddler or a cute little girl, but imagine the name for a middle-aged woman. Try to find a name that will be perfect throughout life.
  •             It has become quite a popular practice for parents to combine their own names to make up a name, again the child will be constantly spelling the name, or teaching teachers, etc. how to pronounce the name.
  •             Attempt to find more than one name for baby. Usually when the big day arrives and baby is born, the name you have chosen may not seem to suit the new arrival.
  •             Baby-naming websites or books will give the meaning and the origin of a chosen name. This will prove helpful to parents who are undecided on a name, and may choose a name simply because of its meaning.


A name is vitally important and myth has it that each and every baby is already named, parents just make it official!

Baby names, ideas, origins and meanings:

 – Kathy Baron

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