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Tips And Advice For New Moms Of Twins

New twins, tired momFew things are quite as daunting as hearing that you are expecting twins. As if the thought of one baby wasn’t overwhelming enough, now you will need to contend with double the workload, double the nappy changes, double the feeds and double the cost. You might be wondering how it’s possible to have a life outside of caring for the twins, especially in the early days. If so, read on for some time and sanity saving tips.

It is quite possible to lead a happy, organised life with twins. Just ask any mother of multiples how they coped with those initial months and you will find they are more than willing to share their tips and tricks. And while to outsiders it might seem like caring for two infants is an impossible feat, with a few time saving/optimization tips, you can sail through the twins’ infancy with flying colours.

Let’s look at some of the ways that new moms of twins can minimize their efforts and maximise their time…


Tips for surviving twin’s infancy and beyond:

  • Feeding twins: Breastfeeding twins can be tricky at the best of times, but it is entirely possible and undoubtedly the best thing for your babies. The trickiest thing about breastfeeding two babies simultaneously is holding them comfortably, and while there are plenty of tried and tested positions (most commonly the football hold) that work for twins, there are many great accessories you can use to help hold your babies in a comfortable position when you breastfeed. Keep in mind that there are many mothers of triplets who are able to breastfeed successfully!
  • Sleep schedules: The best way to take control of twins’ disparate sleeping schedules is to get a routine embedded in their lives from an early age. Synchronizing twins sleeping schedules will require some tough love on your part, as you will need to wake the other twin when the other wakes up. It will be hard in the beginning but the many hours of sleep you’ll gain will make it well worth it!
  • Nappy changes: Twins can go through an insane number of nappy changes every day.  Sadly, there’s not much you can do if your twins have especially vigorous bowel movements, but you can set the scene for super-efficient nappy changes. By preparing all the equipment you’ll need beforehand, you could change both nappies at the same time.
  • Saving money: Many parents of twins find it’s unnecessary to buy two of everything. Twins share easily and like any young child, are prone to losing interest in a favourite toy quite quickly. You will have wasted double the money if those toys they each insisted on having. Rather buy one of each kind of toy, expecting that their three-second attention span will provide many distractions.


Finding support

As a parent of twins, the best thing you can do is learn to take help wherever you can get it. There is no medal or superwoman award that will make up for the nervous breakdown you will end up having if you don’t.

One of the best things that you can do is to join a good support group or your local twins and multiples association. There’s nothing like advice and support from mums who have been there before! But these groups do more than provide advice and friendships with other parents of multiples;

  • Babysitting trade-offs can mean you and your spouse get a much deserved night out!
  • Access to great deals, sales and other special discounts: Not only can you consider yourself hooked up to the best deals, but you can be
  • Socializing: Your twins get to socialize with other twins, and you get to meet other parents of twins too!

It’s well worth the small membership fees to gain all these benefits. As a parent of twins, you’ll need all the advice and help you can get.

Twins might mean double the work, but it also means double the reward.  Use some of these tips to work out your own routines with your twins, and reap the rewards of more free time for you!

– Kahea Rusch


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