Alphabet Tower – a new type of book


Alphabet Tower combines adventure with educational content and a children’s picture dictionary.

This is a unique learning method taught via a fairytale. You will meet Annie and Danny – studious and curious children. While they are reading a book about the land of Bookvaria, they decide to make a trip to that wonderful place of learning.

When they reach that land, a huge castle appears. At the castle gate they meet a wizard, who introduces them to the world of knowledge. Following parts of a map, given to them by the wizard, they begin their educational adventure starting with Alphabet Tower.

The book contains more than 150 colour illustrations. Preschool and kindergarten kids, learn, read, write and practice the English alphabet and enjoy…

Author of Alphabet Tower, Danny C, spent many years in Aviation as a Fighter Pilot and Air Traffic Controller. In 2007, he decided to act in another field and founded Credeas Ltd in London, UK. The idea was to develop interactive early childhood education. Thus, Bookvaria Project was born. Bookvaria is a wonderland of education, combining fairy tales/adventures, educational contents, multimedia/voices and sounds, printable colouring pages and talking children’s e-books and printed books for preschool and kindergarten kids.

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