Arts And Crafts For Toddlers

Arts for toddlersKeeping a toddler entertained is a never-ending challenge as a parent. Rest assured, although it may not seem like it, your toddler is actually easy to entertain, especially with some creative arts and crafts projects. There is no end to the many different arts and crafts projects you can set up for your toddler. All it takes is a few ideas using items you already have in your home.


Paint and its many colours

Paint is a great tool for entertaining your toddler, and there are any number of projects that you can do with paint, making it hugely versatile and an essential in any toddler-occupied home. Children love colour and enjoy being able to express themselves with activities like finger painting and stamping.

Consider making wrapping paper. You can choose to use finger paints or an ordinary kitchen sponge which you can cut out into shapes and dunk them in the paint to use as stamps. Encourage your child to use their imagination and get creative making wrapping paper – sure to come in handy around the festive season or birthdays. This idea can be used on wrapping paper or to make blank gift bags more exciting or even gift boxes.

Another craft you can do, but one that requires a little more bravery on your part, is to create a mural. If you have an unused wall, work with your child to create a mural for the room. You can let the child paint freely or you draw an outline for your toddler to fill in with paint. The good news is that if the end result is not what you want – you can always repaint the wall.

Paint can be messy and many parents are hesitant to let their children paint freely around the house. It’s important to encourage your child to be creative, and just as important to allow them to get messy and to make mistakes. The point is not to create professional quality results, but something unique and individual while having fun and keeping your little one entertained.


Paper cuts and folds

Paper is another essential craft supply that should be on hand in any home with toddlers. This is a great tool for multiple crafts, from drawing and colouring to cutting and pasting.

Let your toddler create a collage with you. This is another fun arts and crafts project that can have some great results. Using photos, paints, coloured paper and any other items you can find; put together a collage of photo memories. The collage is fun to make as well as being meaningful, can be framed and hung on a wall where your child can admire their handy work.

Gift cards are another project that can keep your toddler entertained for hours. Using pictures from magazines or photographs, paints and pens, you and your child can create cards for family members birthdays and holidays with personalised messages inside.

Projects involving scissors and glue should be supervised at all times, but you should allow your toddler to express themselves freely. Again, try to remember that the point is not to create store quality results but rather to make personalised items that are unique; and to have fun being creative with your toddler.


Filling the shelves for fun

There’s a never-ending list of ways to engage your toddler in arts and crafts projects and it helps to have certain items on hand should you and your little one want to get creative. Consider stocking up on paints, coloured paper, glues, stickers, cardboard and any other items you can find that you can use to keep your toddler busy for hours on end.

You don’t always have to shop for craft supplies from the stores. Consider keeping items you can recycle into crafts, like old tins, boxes, magazines, ribbons and string, which can be used in the crafts to add a new dimension to the project.

Try not to be too limiting with rules and restrictions, and let your child enjoy the activity. If you are worried about messes in the home, you can set up an area outside to work with the messy ingredients or work a tiled floor, like the kitchen, where a mess can be mopped up without incident.

Engage your child in a way that stimulates their creativity and watch them release their imagination and be entertained for hours on end.


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