Camping With Toddler In Tow

Camping with toddlerYou and your husband may have taken camping holidays a million times before, but with a toddler in tow, this time round things are bound to be a little different. However, if you are well prepared beforehand, your holiday should be a breeze.

Acknowledging that caution needs to be thrown to the wind as far as bedtimes and balanced meals are concerned just while you are all on holiday is a good place to start. And just as importantly keep in mind that your toddler is not going to look pristine and ready for Sunday School each day, but rather filthy and loving it! It is just all part and parcel of a family camping holiday!


Try getting a portable crib

Some parents choose to have their toddler sharing their air mattress at sleep time, and sometimes this works. But if your child’s sleep is easily disturbed this could pose a problem or two. In this case buying or hiring a portable crib is probably your best answer.

Make sure you take along enough small-ish but robust and easily washable toys to keep your youngster busy.

With our weather patterns all over the place these days, you won’t be sure what weather conditions you and your family will encounter while camping. To ensure junior is well equipped for whatever the heavens offer, take clothing that you can dress him in layers with. Also, a hat to protect his face from the sun is imperative.


Noo-noo catching

If your toddler is the adventurous type as most youngsters of this age are, he will find he cannot resist the urge to collect every worm and snail in sight, so take along a couple of containers but make sure they have breathing holes in them!
Make sure you don’t forget the wipes because although you cannot expect junior to be squeaky- clean all day while camping, you will need to wipe the mud and dirt from his little hands and face from time to time. And rather be safe than sorry by packing in lots of extra nappies.
Although you don’t want to turn your holiday into a junk food festival, take along some treats, especially marshmallows that you can roast on the evening camp fire.


Essentials for your first aid kit

And don’t forget that the wilds offer a different set of insects so check that your first aid kit includes an anti-itch cream, an insect repellent that is safe for children’s sensitive skins, sun block and pain medicines. Throw in a few bandages and band aids of various sizes.
An anti-septic, cotton wool, anti-histamines and a pain killer syrup for children are other essentials for your first aid kit. And don’t forget to add a pair of tweezers in case junior encounters any thorns or splinters along the way.


Bedtime or not?

Some parents who camp regularly with young children believe that regular bedtimes should not be a strict rule. They say it works for the whole family if the kids play until they virtually fall down from tiredness. Others, on the other hand, find insisting on regular bedtimes works for them and their kids. This one is really up to you and what works for all of you as a family.
Also you will find the more you and your family take camping holidays, the easier it will become, not only because the kids get older, but you find that they will go to bed a bit more easily.
On the whole, camping is a wonderful way to holiday and something really enjoyable for every member of the family!

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