Determining If Your Toddler Is Advanced

All moms are under the impression that their children are super-advanced and extra-smart. Mothers burst with pride at all of their child’s achievements rightly so, however, although you believe that your toddler is a genius there are certain tests that can be carried out to determine if your toddler is as advanced, as you may believe.

At times, an unbiased mother or playgroup teacher will notice particularly advanced behaviour in the toddler. There are many gifted children and it is necessary to have these toddlers tested. The tests are able to determine the IQ of the child and such tests are vitally important, as a gifted child deserves special attention and must have access to accelerated learning program in order prevent boredom.

An age appropriate IQ test would be able to determine the intelligence of the child, and there are tests which can pick up the creativity levels as well as a battery of other tests (offered by educational therapists) which would confirm that the toddler is in fact more advanced than an average toddler. Common tests to measure intelligence will include how the child processes information, retains memories, and how they solve problems. This is done by showing the toddler a series of pictures which have parts missing, and giving the child a sequence of numbers or words to repeat. The outcome of how the toddler fairs during these tests will be used to determine above average intelligence.

If the tests do indeed show the child is advanced, the parents would need to explore how they can best enhance their child’s environment to prevent boredom and stimulate the child’s mind. If the tests indicate an average IQ – parents should not feel any less proud of their toddler’s achievement and should also continue to help the toddler to learn and grow.


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