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Fun And Educational Toys

educational toysKids learn through play and parents who want to increase their kid’s brainpower should invest in good quality, fun education toys. When shopping for toys, find toys that will also keep kids busy and entertained and will help to improve skills – and be sure to buy toys which are age-appropriate.



What to look for when buying educational toys for toddlers:

  •     A good learning toy will help the tot to learn and recognize numbers, sounds and colours.
  •     Toys that help toddlers to develop their fine motor skills are great.
  •     Look for brightly-coloured toys which will capture the toddler’s attention, as well as toys which are interactive, such as those with buttons.


Toy ideas

  •        Shape-sorters have been around for years. These toys can be square or circles and contain several shapes cut-outs, such as stars, squares, or hearts. These toys are interactive and the toddlers will love matching up the shapes with their corresponding cut-outs.
  •        Puzzles, especially for toddlers. The pieces have been made extra big for little hands and besides being fun, the puzzles will help kids with problem-solving skills, and will improve their concentration. The puzzles are great toy choices for kids aged two.
  •        Stacking blocks or cups will teach toddlers to recognise different colours and will be a great way to start teaching kids how to count. These toys are good for kids who are a little older than a year and many toddlers are still playing with these blocks or cups after their third birthday.
  •        Threading and lacing toys. These are giant-sized beads (do not give toddlers beads which are small in size and always supervise play). Threading beads will help to improve the toddler’s concentration and will also enhance coordination skills. Parents can buy a giant shoe with laces, this will teach kids how to thread and will keep them busy for hours.
  •        Interactive battery-operated toys which have push-button shapes and sounds are great ways to improve the child’s vocabulary and will also assist with shape and colour recognition. A lot of these interactive electronic toys will sound out words.
  •        Toddlers love to be kept busy. Place common items in a big box and let them sift through the toys. These items can be simple, such as plastic cups, mom’s beaded necklace or an old telephone. This will keep little ones enthralled for hours.


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