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How To Survive The ‘Why- Stage

If I had a penny for every time my son asked me -why , I might have been enjoying an early retirement already! Maddening, exhausting and never ending, it’s a phase of questioning that can really take its toll on your sanity as you scramble for answers about every conceivable aspect of life.

It is one of those developmental milestones that can’t be avoided, because being a toddler means asking lots of questions and learning all about the world around them. And while you might be overjoyed that your bundle of joy is taking such an interest in the world around them, it can become an exhausting and never-ending game that taxes your very last energy reserve and then some.


Why does the why stage happen?

In order to understand why your toddler is asking about everything, you need to understand the many developmental milestones your child is reaching between the ages of 2 and 4. As their vocabularies grow, they are able to articulate all kinds of inquisitive thoughts and questions about the world around them. Asking -why is their way of learning and figuring out the important stuff, as well as the finer details.


How to handle the why stage:

Most experts agree, the best way to deal with the toddler -why’ stage is to answer as many of their questions as possible. Instead of making up answers or brushing the questions aside, it’s important to let your toddler know that their questions are important and that they are heard.

This is little comfort if your little one’s questions are taxing every last bit of energy you have… A few emergency stand-by comebacks that might ease your frustration:

–          Why do you think?

–          Because God says so (if your beliefs align with this, that is).

–          A teasing -Why not?

–          If all else has failed and your wits have deserted you: -Go ask (*insert intended target*)


Rest assured that everyone with a child has gone through the -why stage and made it out alive. And you will too!


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