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Introducing Children To Computers

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We are now living in an age of technology and computers are part of this digital dichotomy. Computers are used to connect to friends and to family members across the globe. It is because of the importance of computers that it is wise for parents to introduce it to their children when they are younger rather than when they get older. Children are smart and it is at this young age that they will acclimatize or adapt to computer technology.

Introducing computer technology to children at the age of two or three years of age is not something strange. Many parents are doing so. You can begin the introduction while you are on the computer yourself. Have the toddler sit in your lap to evoke an interest in the computer. The child will watch as you type on the keyboard. Once you get your child interested, then it will be time for you to buy computer games and teach your child how to play them.

There are training programs available for toddlers and older children to learn about computers. The child will learn how to turn on the computer and how to use the mouse to navigate around the computer screen. In fact, many preschools have computers in the classroom that children are able to utilize quite well.

Soon enough, your child will know enough about the computer to sit on their own and explore the learning process. Parents, also, need to dedicate some time to help their children by giving them an opportunity for a hands-on learning experience with the computer.

Parents can start their toddlers with computer learning by purchasing toy computers that look like laptops. Many toy manufacturers these days are capitalizing on this. Most toddlers, however, prefer to play games on the computer and these toy laptops have educational computer games that will take up hours of the child’s time to make it quite productive. The child will also develop strong motor skills as well as cognitive skills. Most of these computer games are age specific and usually begin at two to three years old. The toy computers are simulated to resemble a regular computer.

Parents should sit with their child to make sure that the child understands the game and parents can possibly play the game with the child. This is an ideal time for parent and child to bond. The child will love this and will learn faster in a comfortable environment.


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