Karate For Tots

Karate for totsAs new parents we often have an idea in our heads of what our children will be like in their various stages of development and very often we find what we had pictured is not at all what our reality is. All too often we are not too sure how you can find a positive outlet for all of that unharnessed energy. Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance. If that is the case it may be worth your while to look into karate…


Why consider karate

Karate will not only provide an exciting stimulating -play time’ for your energetic tot, it will also enable additional time spent socializing with other children. The saying -get them while they are young -may have more truth in it than you think. Karate is not a clean-cut case of hitting and kicking in order to defend yourself. The mental lessons that tots will learn include how to focus on the task at hand until it is completed, and to have patience and work hard to achieve that goal, and they will have a blast doing it!


How can they teach such a young child?

Many dojos may offer classes to children as young as 3, although very little of the karate form will be taught. At this age you can hardly expect a toddler to have the concentration span of older children. The sensei will have shorter lessons that will require your little one to concentrate on one task until it is complete. By the time he is of school-going age he will already have an advantage because he was trained from so young to pay attention and absorb the lesson.


Teaching your child to respect others

Rather than suffer with violent and aggressive outbursts from your little one, allow a trained professional to teach him that unprovoked aggression is never acceptable and to always have respect for others, regardless of the differences – as is the way of ancient eastern beliefs. Living in a rainbow nation your child cannot afford to be taught anything less.


Physical benefits

While your toddler is at this accelerated stage of growth and development he may be a little clumsy. Karate may better your tot’s hand eye coordination, improve motor skills and keep him flexible and nimble. Karate will help your toddler along by using stretching, bending and muscle-building activities.

Eventually your child will learn how to defend himself and thus cultivate self-confidence, and it will allow your child to analyse and react appropriately in a potentially threatening situation.



Through repetition your toddler will be benefited greatly by the teaching of a wise sensei. This is a distinct advantage over many individuals who didn’t have the guidance of an insightful adult. Surveys have shown that if karate was compulsory in primary schools, juvenile delinquency would be drastically brought down. Karate teaches self-discipline, compassion, respect for others and a positive attitude. To become a productive member of society these virtues need to be instilled at a young age.


Before signing up

  • Ensure that teachers have had some form of training in dealing with such young children. After all being a master in martial arts alone is no match for a tot’s unharnessed energy!
  • Confirm the ages of acceptance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the safety rules of the dojo.
  • Sit in on one of the lessons and confirm it has the elements that will keep your child attentive; it should be fun, interesting, informative and challenging.

If the end result is a well-disciplined, respectful child who not only has the physical and mental means to defend himself, then as a parent I will be signing my child up tomorrow.


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