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Making A Safe Home

Childproofing your homeIt’s time to get down on the floor. Sit there for a while. Take in the hazards at that level of the world. Crawl around on all fours and take notice of all the potential risks. Then think about how these danger zones can actually pose extreme exploring material for inquisitive young minds and hands.

Perhaps it’s time to tighten up your security – and not necessarily with the use of a security company, but rather on the child-proofing side of your home. Keeping your child safe at home is of vital importance and therefore necessitates good, solid child-proofing methods. Every room has its impending threats and so safety in each area should be addressed independently.

Take your bathroom, for example. Not only do you need to look further than the dangers of cleaning products, toiletries, facial products and the obvious things such as nail files and nail clippers; but what about something as simple for us to overlook as the bath tub faucets? These are hard, sharp items. If your little one goes mountaineering in the bathroom and falls, he could knock his head on the faucets. This could have some nasty results so always keep soft covers for the two taps and for the water spout.


Pulling and tugging

When it comes to hot drinks and food, never use placemats as your inquisitive little guy could easily pull these and everything that is on them straight off the table and onto his face. Get into the habit of always keeping hot food and beverages away from the edges of tables and counters, too. Even a small pot plant on a decorative sidetable can be yanked off by eager little hands.

Keep small but potentially deadly small appliances throughout the home unplugged when not in use and safely packed away.

Secure all electrical cords against the walls and behind the furniture and always keep proper doorstops from causing doors to slam on little fingers. Even a wooden door can remove your youngster’s fingers if slammed hard enough!

If you live in a double-storey home, don’t wait until it’s too late to install sturdy child safety gates at both the top and bottom ends of the staircase.

Don’t forget plug covers and get into the habit of never leaving hot hair dryers, curling tongs or hair straighteners on your dressing table. Your little one will most definitely seize the opportunity to take a firm grip of that cord and yank the hot appliance down!

Keep heaters out of the way in winter and replace floor fans with ceiling fans.


Sharp weapons and breakables

Use child locks on all cupboards and drawers that contain sharp appliances, knives, pots and pans, glassware and anything else that can shatter and cause harm.

Never leave medication on a bedside table or any low counter, even if it’s just aspirin.

Be aware of the sharp corners most coffee tables sport and consider the risk those pose.

Keep all alcohol on the top shelf and don’t leave poured alcoholic drinks unattended. Alcohol and other glass containers are often kept in the fridge, so ensure you install a fridge safety latch.

Book cases are not sturdy pieces of furniture and they can weigh an awful lot when stacked with books. It’s probably best to do away with such furniture unless you have them mounted high up on the wall.


Grow with the times

As children grow they are able to climb higher, they are stronger and able to pull bigger things over, and their interests change. For this reason you need to constantly adjust your child-proofing methods to ensure he is always safe.

Child proofing your home can seem like an insurmountable  task at times, but when you consider some of the statistics regarding the number and types of child injuries in the home, you begin to realise that even the smallest prevention measures will go a long way in keeping your youngster safe.

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