Party Ideas For Toddlers

Party Ideas For Toddlers

There are two words that have the power to evoke fear, and add stress in the lives of most mothers – -kid’s party’. There is no doubt about it, the bar for throwing good parties is being raised and moms are always trying to come up with new and unique party ideas.

Party ideas for children who are between the ages of two and four (toddlers) are quite limited and keeping the party simple is a good rule of thumb. Toddlers are still finding their way around the world, and many parents may find that elaborate parties could overwhelm the birthday boy or girl. Toddler’s parties can end up being heaps of fun and if kept simple, the day can be enjoyed by all. Remember that most toddlers need an afternoon nap, so be sure to arrange a party with a mid morning or early afternoon start.


Fun Ideas

Large and colourful jumping castles have been hits at most parties for years. Even adult guests are tempted to try out their jumping skills.  These inflatable giants seem to come in and out of fashion yet for a wide-eyed toddler, a jumping castle will offer endless hours of safe play.

Children’s party venues are becoming increasingly popular and with these setup venues, parents are required to arrive with the party treats in hand, a group of partygoers and the birthday boy or girl. These fun-filled venues are equipped with slides, sandpits, swings, merry go-rounds and some even go so far as to provide on-site entertainment, by way of a silly clown, or face painters. The settings of the venues are relaxed and safe and parents can sit back and relax, while children enjoy the spoils of a child-friendly venue. One of the biggest advantages of these party venues is parents will have no mess to deal with afterwards. On the downside, these convenient venues can be rather costly and for those on a tight budget, a home birthday party will prove to be just as fun.


Themed parties

Themed birthday parties are fantastic as all children love dressing up. Themed birthday parties may be dress up parties (fancy dress parties), mad hatter tea parties, firemen (or women) parties, fairies and goblins, or witches and wizards. Hosting a themed party means that all party decorations can be focused on the theme – for instance a Wizard Piñata or a back garden that has been decorated with several little chairs and tables and decked with cupcakes and other teatime treats.  Interactive parties will also keep partygoers entertained, and these craft-type parties could include simple and easy activities, like the painting or decorating of cups, stringing beads to create dazzling necklaces, or decorating pre-made cupcakes, with colourful and edible decorations.

The bottom line is that good party ideas do not have to cost a fortune and by using a little imagination and keeping it simple – children will be kept entertained for hours. Be sure to have you camera handy as all the special moments of a child’s party should be captured and treasured forever.

Although it has been said, that today’s children are more advanced and more demanding, the fact is that throwing a fun party does not have to be a stressful affair and most children (especially toddlers) will be all to happy to share their special day surrounded by a group of fun loving friends, and a lot of colourful treats – throw in few party games, and the day is bound to be a roaring success.

If anything, moms are evolving as they are continually checking and inspecting all party treat packaging for any hint of tartrazine, or other banned or forbidden colorants or additives. Be a nice party mom and try to limit the treats which contain high quantities of sugar and other harmful (tantrum evoking) ingredients. Children will most certainly expect sweet treats to be laid on the party table, but there are many -mom-friendly’ sweets on the market.

No matter which party idea you choose to go with, keep it simple, have fun and above all make sure that the day is extra special day for the birthday boy or girl!


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