Play: The Work of Toddlers


It is not just important for children to play games, but also important that toddlers are equipped with the right tools that will stimulate mental cognisance and aid in reaching early childhood development milestones.

The importance of playing

Playing might seem like the most natural thing in the world, but it is responsible for the development of essential life skills, social interaction, creativity, mental cognisance and physical hand-eye coordination and muscle tone.

Playing and physical exercise has been also linked to the enhancement of brain function and cognition, positively influencing academic performance and the development of motor skills. In addition, play also stimulates listening and communication skills, enabling children to better adapt to new environments and their peers once the start on their school journey.

What types of games should toddlers play?

Playing is so much more than just having fun. Your toddler will develop essential life skills, learn to interact with peers and develop motor skills – all necessary milestones for achieving a well-balanced Early Childhood Development. And while play takes on many creative and imaginary forms for children, it is necessary for parents and caregivers to introduce toddlers to games that would not only be fun, but would also assist in their mental and cognitive development as well.

Although parents and care givers understand the importance of play for Early Childhood Development, it can be daunting to ensure that your child is playing the right kind of games in order to develop a balanced skillset for school.

Stores are full of educational toys in various shapes and sizes, not to mention the onset of digital technology and games, all contributing to the difficulty of choosing the right toy for your child’s needs and stage of development.

Learning through play

Lana Barnett, a trained librarian, former CEO of Leisure Books and grandmother to two grandsons has the answer. In conjunction with experts in Early Childhood Development, Barnett developed the Mysmartkid programme, a programme dedicated to equip children with the necessary skills and cognitive development functionality that will prepare them for school by reaching important milestones.

Mysmartkid offers a curated selection of appropriate toys and educational tools suited to your child’s age and stage of development, aiding in the emotional, physical, cognitive and social growth of your toddler. Parents can subscribe to the service and receive a Smartbox with age-appropriate toys and tools to enable babies and toddlers aged 0-6 to effectively reach their developmental milestones.

The programme is based on all 6 core developmental areas that address your child’s emotional, physical, cognitive and social growth – resulting in a well-rounded, happy, confident and connected child. Above all, the programme is aimed at early learning that is playful and fun – giving parents the guidance and tools on how best to prepare their children for school.

For more information on the Mysmartkid / Myslimkind programme, go to / or call 0861 555  224.


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