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One Cool Friend – Book Review


When proper and very wealthy Elliot discovers penguins, he finds a very well-dressed friend. Feeling that a penguin would make the perfect pet, he asks his father if he can have a penguin from the aquarium after their family fun day.

His father mistakenly thinks he meant a stuffed toy and says yes. What follows is much fun for Elliot and his penguin named Magellan as they try to keep his father from knowing about the real, live penguin. In the end Elliot realises he has much more in common with his uninvolved father than he thought. His father has a tortoise from the Galapogos Islands living in the house that Elliot never knew about!

David Small’s witty illustrations are a perfect match with Toni Buzzeo’s deceptively straightforward text, and the two together usher the reader right down the garden path to the warm and hilarious ending. This is one that will be asked for over and over.

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