Toddler Party Planning

Toddler partyAs with any celebratory party we plan, the key for the smooth running of the event lies in the planning of it. It’s certainly no different when you are planning a fun and happy birthday party for your toddler.

But remember it’s good to keep in mind for a birthday party for this age group that less is more. Keeping things simple is the way to go as too much will just go unnoticed by these little ones.


Watch how they play

Beforehand, when your toddler has a play date, watch the things that amuse them and the games they play and take note of what works and what doesn’t work at other toddlers’ parties. Learn from what you see.

The basic guidelines are:

  • Keep it short – an hour is more than enough time for kids of this age
  • Make it bright and colourful
  • Keep the -party food down to a minimum and introduce fun ways with healthy snacks so the toddlers don’t get sick from too much sugar
  • Keep a theme going, starting with the invitations, right through to the party packs, choosing something your child and other children of his age are fond of.


Haul out the classics

Before the days of ball ponds, bouncing castles and children’s modern entertainment centres were around, children knew how to play basic games that caused squeals of fun. Your toddler and his friends will love some of these basic games. But it’s not a bad idea to involve an older sibling or cousin and have them bring along two or three of their friends to help out with the games. This way the younger ones will -follow my lead and learn the game quickly.

Pass-the-parcel is always a hit and also a prime example where the older children can lead the toddlers by example. This sort of game will keep these youngsters busy while they have loads of fun.


Careers in the making!

A puppet show is also a true winner and depending on how creative the older children are, they may well put together a top-class puppet act themselves!

At this age it’s far easier to maintain control and keep these youngsters safe if the party is at home. It could be a nightmare trying to keep a watchful eye on a group of toddlers while trying to entertain them at the same time while out in a public place.


Tie in the theme

Don’t forget the party plates, party hats, party cups and party serviettes that should be tied into the theme of the party. And why not keep a kiddies music CD playing in the background? Brightly coloured balloons, hand-painted flowers on the wall, having the kids dress up like Snow White or one of the seven dwarfs, like they are from fairy land or as if they are the popular super-hero of the day will certainly add to making your little one’s birthday a very special one for him.

Start planning well in advance. Keep a notebook just for your toddler’s party planning and take some time out to visit the party shops and see what’s out there. This is a great way to spark your own creativity for this special day.


Not about impressing other moms

Remember, the planning and execution of your toddler’s birthday party is not about you, or impressing other moms. This is your child’s day and just because a neighbour may have spent a fortune on decorating and hiring the best of the best for entertainment, it doesn’t mean the children acknowledged it or even liked it. Keep things at your child’s level so he can truly enjoy his very own birthday party.

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