Toddler Phases

Tips For First Time Moms - When To Panic As a first time mother of a toddler, you might find it very challenging to cope, since your child will be pulling down things and letting curiosity rule the day. This is quite normal and you don’t have to panic. Your child is exploring his or her environment and wants to find out how far the -envelope can be pushed.’ It is your job as the parent to guide your toddler in the right direction.

The toddler years are the time when your child is discovering many things; some of which may be bad habits that you don’t want your child to pick up. This may occur at the babysitter. You want to let your child know that something is wrong no matter where they picked it up from. You may need to change the babysitter or talk to the babysitter about your concerns. It is best to nip it in the bud early before it gets out of control.

Toddlers are prone to temper tantrums. This is quite normal, but should be controlled because if you give in all the time to your toddler’s demands and tantrums, it will come back to haunt you in the grocery store or when you have guests over to your house. It can be quite embarrassing. You have to be tough when it comes to dealing with mischief from your toddler. Don’t let your toddlers think that they have defeated you and don’t give in because you hate to hear them cry. Being firm teaches your toddler structure, guidelines and at the same time showing your love for their current and future well being.

During the toddler phase, your child will go through varying stages of development in comparison to when they were babies. They will get into all kinds of things while learning to walk and move about. This is quite normal for a toddler. It will take a lot of patience and support to guide your child to the independence that they are seeking. This can be quite frustrating for your child, but your ongoing support will help.

During this phase, your child will have separation anxiety if you have to leave and go to work while dropping them off at the baby sitter. You, also, will have separation anxiety and worry about leaving your child with a stranger.

Potty training is a nightmare for some first time parents. Every child is different when it comes to potty training. Some will adapt to it easily while others will take a longer time. You may need to panic if your child is not potty trained by age four years old. This is not quite as normal. Make the experience fun for your toddler and you will see that in no time going to the potty will be more than just a hassle.


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