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Toddlerproofing Your House

Electrical outlets are not safeWe all were toddlers and we all were curious about our surroundings. We had no fear of the unknown and were full of energy. Toddlers of today are no different! They don’t see boundaries as adults see them, so it is easy for them to injure themselves once they get moving. The toddler has to have supervision either by a parent, guardian or baby-sitter at all times. Toddlers get into everything that they can find and they love to touch things especially when they get bored.

Safety measures have to be taken during playtime, while the toddler is in the house and outside of the home. Areas of the homes that need to be protected especially are the bathroom, the bedroom, kitchen and yard.

Toddlers love to play in water, so this should be one of the first areas safety attention is turned towards. Open water sources need to be protected – it is a fact that a few inches of water is enough for a small body to drown in. It’s also advisable to fit a safety lid on the toilet or your toddler will put his or her hand inside of the toilet with no concern for hygiene. Put toilet plunger away when not in use – it seems a fantastical toy to a toddler.

Medication should be safely locked away in a medicine cabinet that is out of reach and preferably sight of your toddler.

Your bedroom needs to be safe as well. Curtains that drape and flow to the ground should be pulled out of the way. Electric cords should run out of sight and not be in any danger of being pulled, kicked or tripped on. Ensure that your bedside lamps are out of range too.

Your family room may have a lot of items that can create a hazard for your toddler. Small items and objects such as batteries, toys and buttons should be put away safely. Make sure that electrical outlets are covered.

Your toddler may want to join you in the kitchen, though sadly not as help , as parents spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the toddlers need to see and know what the fuss is in there. Put all dishes and utensils away in cupboards and cabinets. If you have kettles and pots on the stove, turn their handles toward the wall. If you are drinking anything hot, don’t do so near your toddler, and make sure the place you’re putting hot dishes down is safe from little fingers. Don’t leave anything plugged in unnecessarily.

If you have staircases, be sure to put a safety gate on top of the stairs and below the stairs so that your toddler cannot go up and down the stairs without your supervision.

You have to take your child outdoors at some time and what better place than in the back yard. If you have a pool in your back yard, be sure to have it fenced in. If you have a swing or garden also, ensure that there is a marker around it to keep your toddler out unless supervised. If the climate is cold and you are no longer using your pool, put a cover over it. Put your garden equipment including insecticides and tools in a locked shed.

If your toddler has to visit someone else’s home such as  family, you unfortunately have limited control over the home being safe for your toddler, so you have to keep an extra careful eye on your toddler while you are there.

If your toddler enjoys riding a tricycle or other similar toys, get them in the habit of donning a helmet. As a parent, your toddler’s safety depends on you, no matter how silly they look as a result.


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