Win the war on juice spills

juice box holders stuff and fluff


Tired of constantly wiping streaks of sticky juice from little cheeks, shirts, car seats, and so on? Well, wipe no more, with Spilless juice box holders. And to package practicality, Spilless comes in the cutest designs that your kids will adore and that will suit your pocket.


Why Spilless?

This new arrival in South Africa prevents spilling because kids can’t squeeze or open the holder, as simple as that.



These cute juice box holders will fit most juice boxes, as well as most car and stroller cups. It is dishwasher safe and BPA free! What more could you ask for?


Easy step-by-step guide

juice box holder stuff and fluff


1. Separate the two halves.


2. Insert the juice box into the bottom half without the straw.




3. Close the top half and insert the straw through the top opening.







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