Your Little Picasso

Masterpieces from the youngWhen your son your daughter starts at a crèche or preschool, parents will be handed a portfolio of weekly work which is made up of their child’s best artwork.

The initial works of art will be little more than a few scribbles but as the kids grow, their artwork will become more complex and more detailed, and even though dads will be drawn with exaggerated smiley blue faces and moms will be depicted as green aliens which boast shocking pink hair, the drawings will become mom and dad’s all-time favourites and definitely their most treasured pieces. However, the question is, what do you do with the mass pile of drawings? Frame them!

Art by kids is innocent and untainted and little kids have no desire to impress their friends or teachers with their talents (until a little later) or with their incredible drawing skills. They draw the world as they see it – colourful, bright and happy. Like a photograph, the art is frozen in time and as the years pass, parents will look back at the peculiar scribbles, the striking blue hair, bold pink houses and flying dogs and cats and remember the innocence of their wide-eyed child, who is now writing their matric exams, about to go on their first date or getting married.


Where to start…

  •   Choose a few of the best works (try limit it to five or six).
  •   Select pictures from different ages (pre-school artwork is usually the most fascinating).
  •   Usually the drawings are on A4 paper, so finding a suitable frame is easy.
  •   Try to find frames that are all the same.
  •   Find a wall where the pictures can be grouped together. If framing more than one child’s artwork – separate each child’s work.
  •   Date the work and write your child’s age on the drawing.
  •   Don’t overdo it and don’t try to frame each and every drawing that the child has ever done otherwise the concept will be lost. If you are unable to limit yourself and cannot select the best of the best artworks, perhaps creating a collage would be a better option and this can be done by grouping a few drawings together in a frame.
  •   If you are keen to frame more drawings, use these childlike art works to decorate a child’s room, or take a few to work, to line the walls of your offices.
  •   In addition to being perfect wall hanging, the original artworks will certainly make wonderful and very thoughtful gifts for grandparents!

Besides framing the brightly colored drawings, moms who are extra crafty could attempt to use the work in various crafting projects, such as decoupage, where the drawings are pasted on wooden dustbins, tissues boxes or on a wooden tray.

A scrapbook for all leftover drawings is great for safekeeping the work and the child’s work can also be pasted into the book, in chronological order. This will prove to be a wonderful keepsake and parents will notice the improvements in the drawings and will great to look through with kids, as they get older.

Rather than shoving the week’s work into a drawer or box, which is never seen, put your kid’s artwork on display. These far-fetched pictures can be used to decorate any area of the home – from the kitchen, to the living room. Not only will parents be able to display the works of their favourite artists but kids will feel a burst of pride as their super-duper pictures of houses, trees, smiling faces and happy families are framed and hung on the wall.


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